WELCOME: Start here and Introduce Yourself! =)

Hi everyone, Greg here. Glad to join the community.
I improvise piano pieces inspired by 19th / early 20th century composers, though I often venture back and forth in time, inspiration-wise.
My music is often moody, it can often start a bit dark but it sees the light, eventually!
I don’t do this professionally and my stuff is mostly unscripted and unrehearsed, so be gentle please.
A peek at my latest tracks.
Looking forward to chatting with some of you.

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Hello and welcome Toshifumi.
I just listened Rhapsody 2 and I like it. What a elegant piece, thank you.

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Thank you Urger for listening to this piece.
This piece was composed by Pean and premiered by me in DAW.
When I compose or arrange orchestral music, I use PreSonus Notion6, but this Rhapsody2 was the first time I used Studio One5.
I am not used to using Studio One5, so the notation was very difficult.

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Abstract Crystal was so relaxing and chill, I really liked it. Could be a good meditation music, or an intro to a banging EDM. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you Greg Santos-Koess for listening to my musical piece.
This music was a test of Abstract Crystal Pads released by SampleScience.
I carefully selected and composed several presets to sound meditative.
I also like it.

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Hi All

My name is Pete, and I am from Anglesey in North Wales.

Former pro orchestra trombonist, but left quite quickly as I simply did not enjoy it! I hated much of the music I was forced to play; and the 1st chair had at least another 20 years to go before I could get promotion - move one chair to the right and play notes a third higher!

Joking apart, I changed career completely and became a Naval Officer, reaching the rank of Captain.

After retirement, and a brief stint of teaching mathematics and applied sciences, I got back into playing at an amateur level. But my mojo soon left and I tried composing to keep my musical hand in. Was pretty rubbish at it, but I stuck to it. Learned through hard work - transcribing, copywriting, arranging, then orchestrating - working for a professional composer, doing his donkey work, and learning lots on the way.

I tried composition competitions and, eventually, achieved some success. So, I carried on… Didn’t really need the money, thankfully, but made a living orchestrating and arranging for small private chamber ensembles who couldn’t get their ‘mix’ of instruments off the shelf. Began having some of my compositions played here and there and, eventually, all over USA and Europe. Nothing major, but ticking over.

Fully retired, I had a purpose-built studio at the rear of the house and began composing my magnum opus a Requiem I’d been meaning to get around to, whilst doing other bits and bobs. Ten years later, it is finished and I simply do not know what to do with it! Tried to get orchestras/conductors/etc. interested, but cannot get past the gatekeepers. Many pro and former-pro classical musicians (including two former professors of music) have heard it and are very complimentary… but I cannot yet get it played.

A top-class soprano has agreed to sing the Agnus Dei ("…when the funding is in place"); and a world-renowned conductor said he would love to conduct it, but his own orchestra lacks the funding to play it. Anyway, ultimately, it doesn’t matter - I have written this thing that’s been in my head and that is enough.

I have transcribed some movements for other, smaller ensembles and they have been performed to appreciative audiences, so it must have some merit. Anyway, rant over - the harsh realities of the modern music world. It is the same for everyone.

I write only using notation software - used to be Sibelius, but now Dorico 4 - and, although I bought Cubase a few years ago, never even opened the program!! I have no interest in programming, and Dorico with NotePerformer is all I use with hardly any tweaks in the playback. It plays back the dynamics and instructions enough to get the idea. Would love to put it through a proper realisation but I have neither the skills nor the inclination at my age to worry about it - never mind the funds.

My only claim to fame is that I share the same precedents as Rimsky-Korsakov - both former Naval Officers, trombone players, and neither of us a pianist!

Only this week, someone suggested I out my stuff on Soundcloud - so here it is… try not to laugh.

Good to be here


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Hi all!

My name is Ingve, and I am a composer and a pianist and also I write lyrics, although I’d like to focus on the music, not the words. I am good with words, but I am even better in music, although I’d like to humble myself and be prepared for any song that might just pop up or down into me somehow.

I am also 32 years of age, and in a terrible situation, music-wise so to speak. I am locked inside of a building, with a medicine I have to take against my own will, that hinders me to compose. And I am prette principal, so I don’t want to even compose a single note as I am on this horrible medicine called Zyprexa, which is actually for what people nowadays call ‘psychosis’, and which I call seriously just a ‘condition of the soul’ (look it up, that is the meaning in greek). I am in huge pain, but I can’t feel a single thing! So I’m looking for help I guess, and I hope someone can help me to start composing again!

That is all for now. Hope you’all are doing fine!

Your piece is filled with pathos, love and energy. The way it builds is very compelling. I loved it.

Hi Dori

That’s a wonderful compliment - thank you.
All seven movements are on Soundcloud (if you get the time!) - click on the link or simply wait at the end of each movement and the next one plays automatically.
Would be grateful for your opinion.
Thanks again

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