WELCOME: Start here and Introduce Yourself! =)

Thanks a lot, Matt! :+1:

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thanks Mat! Chat me up anytime!

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Greetings to all.

I’m now retired from fulltime work (not in the music industry), & would, finally, like to dedicate my remaining years to composing.

I’m, also, looking forward to learn from, share with & appreciate fellow members’ artistic endeavours.

Let me wish all of you very happy music making throughout this year & beyond.



Hi Pete.

I love your Tuba Mirum. Particularly, its expressive & dramatic orchestration. It is a great pity & disappointment that such an excellent work should not be enjoyed by concert goers.

Let me wish you to find this year an opportunity to have your Requiem performed & recorded professionally.

In the meantime, let me thank you for sharing your beautiful music.

Keep creating & looking for performance opportunities.


Hi everyone,

My name is Willem Visser. I compose and produce music for media and other digital content. My main focus at the moment is stock music.

I have been making music since 2018, but purely as a hobby. I now have the opportunity to pursue it full time, thanks to my supportive wife (and the fact that she is earning a decent salary :sweat_smile:). I’m in the process of registering my own business (for publishing royalties purposes) and registering at all the other relevant places.

Long story short, except for the Spitfire Audio Stargirl competition and an EP I released in 2019, my music is currently sitting on my harddrive (don’t worry, it’s also backed up on the cloud).

You can find me on my YouTube Channel.
You can also listen to my music on Soundcloud.

It is real early days for me and my professional music career. And I’m really glad to be part of a larger community.

Willem Visser


Hi, my name is Minh Pham,

i’m a 19yo who is currently studying in Aachen, Germany. I’m not studying anything related to art or music but i am certainly passionate about composing and producing. Back in my home country i used to join bands and perform on stage, and i also wrote songs for a musical play. Now i write songs and mess around with FL studio whenever i’m free. I have a lot of demos but i’m not yet satisfied with their quality.

I just found out this website and joined. I think i can learn a lot from you guys and i hope to make some music friends too.

Here is one of the songs i wrote for the musical play.

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Just found this and loved it! Thanks for your music and laughter, Minh.

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Thanks a lot, Dori, glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Composers!
My name is Valerii
I write music and arrange. Me graduated from the jazz department of the St. Petersburg College of Music, played trumpet in the Big Bend MJO for a long time, and tried myself in many genres from electronics to classical music. For a long time i played as a DJ under the nickname Deep-Maker, and hosted my own radio show on FM radio station in Russia. Now I live in Serbia where I assembled my own machine for recording vinyl records and write music. My wife wrote a book in the space opera genre and I wrote a fantastic suite of 21 numbers for a symphony orchestra for it. The classical genre is something new for me, although I am well acquainted with musical literature and have listened to a lot of classics over my almost 50 years)

Hi! My name is Jens and I’m from Sweden.

I just started making music again after a 20 year break.


Back then I made music in Fasttracker, a primitive DAW. I have sent music to magazines, radio stations and had a few tracks featured on Audio Simulation (creator of DreamStation, a DAW that no longer exists).

My inspiration back then was eurodance etc. Some examples are E-type, Dj Bobo, Scooter, Turrican 2 (computer game), Laserdance.

One of my track, Happyland, that I made 1997 has spread quite far. I’m really humble by the fact that now, almost 30 years later people write and thank me for giving them flashbacks to their childhood, because of my track. I hope everyone get to experience something like that.

Later, in 2004, I made a track called Powerized and it may be the piece which I am most proud of during that period. I think the melodies are fine but it would need a quality boost:


I’ve gone from Eurodance to more rich analog sounds. It’s more orchestral instruments, more epic percussions and even choir but still with some Eurodance flavor. Some inspiration examples nowadays are Enya, Safri Duo, Infected Mushrooms and epic trailer music in general.

My hardware is a powerful laptop, AKAI MPK Mini, headphones. It’s very portable.

The software I use is FL Studio, Nexus, Spire, Vital, EastWest Cloud+, Spitfire (a few cheap ones), Scaler 2, a lot of free ones.

I’m still finding my way in the new landscape of sounds (VSTs) which mean I don’t have a finished track yet. However, if you want the taste of my future music, I have like a prototype here:


Thanks for the welcome, Mike.

My name’s Sharat. I’m an engineer by daylight, but scribble orchestral music using Musescore after dark. I used to make sounds on the violin for a couple of semi-professional orchestras many years ago, but these days mostly just write music.

I’ve written a 33 min orchestral tone poem that I’d like to have critiqued on this forum. I’m calling it a “tone poem” for want of a better description. I tried overture, but then overture to … what?!

My biggest sources of inspiration are the 4 Great Bs - Beethoven, Bruckner, Brahms, and Berlioz (sorry Bach - no disrespect, but post-classical era orchestral music is really my milieu)

I too look forward to engaging and polite discussions and this certainly looks like a nice home for that.



Morning from Australia.

My name is Michael and I started composing at the young age of 58.
I have played violin and viola for 50+ years at a competent amateur level. Played in pit orchestras for many musicals and currently a member of the Unley Symphony Orchestra.
I have a day job as a management consultant which gives me the freedom to compose.
I have had several pieces performed by community based orchestras.

I seem to have mastered the art of not being able to write anything longer than 3 minutes and not particularly dramatic.

I want to grow and learn from others and hope to be also able to give worthwhile feedback to the other members on this site.


Hey everyone, it’s truly wonderful to meet all of you! My name is Adi Goldstein. I am 45 years old and have been composing music for media for the past 25 years. I am an entrepreneur, modular synthesis and soundscapes designer. I am also the Co-Founder of GetSound.ai and the Founder of SampleSoLibrary, AGSoundTrax.

Hi folks,

I’m David, a hobbyist composer in California, US.

I’ve been writing both progressive rock / metal music:

And orchestral: