WELCOME: Start here and Introduce Yourself! =)

Hello composer friends. Hope you are all safe and healthy! I am an independent composer/arranger specializing in film/TV/video game scoring. I do write/orchestrate concert music as well. Glad to be here!

My website: chestnutboutique.com

My SoundCloud:https://soundcloud.com/user-317476824


Welcome Lizzie, glad to have you join us! =)

Hi everybody - I previously had an account on here but no longer have access to the email address I had used so I set up this new account.

I am a hobbyist composer and love music as it helps me to de-stress from the rigors of life

I am always open to learning about composing but, I also believe that you can break the rules - if something sounds good and it doesn’t conform to the rules of classic composition, then so be it

I look forward to interacting with you all


My name is Steven; my user/nickname is Weeeeve. Was a music major to start the 1980s, then dropped out and played professionally for the rest of the decade. Then attended UNT for 3 semesters as a jazz performance major, then played on cruise ships for two years. Finally decided to do something else for a living, and I’ve been an aerospace engineer for the last two decades. However, I’m still involved in music, either playing for church, or recording other people, or, in the last few years, writing my own music.

Happy to be in a community with other music lovers diving into the fun and complex world of composing and virtual instruments. Looking forward to growing together in our music.

Steven L


Hi, My Name is Andre’ (Knight Writr) Knight. I am from Jacksonville, North Carolina. I am a Hip Hop and R&B producer, and I’m studying to be an orchestra composer. I play Piano as my instrument of choice, and it’s an honor to be among you guys. Thank you Mikael.


From my teens, I knew that making music is what I wanted to do for a career. After a few setbacks, I started college as a music major, but later decided that it would be more practical to change my major to Computer Information Systems. While earning a living through software development, I managed to score a couple of student and indie films and license a handful of tracks through music libraries. Now in my 50’s, I’m ready to devote more attention to music composition.

Sometimes, I give more attention to researching and acquiring virtual instruments than using them.


Hi there!

I’m Jerry Gerber from San Francisco. I earned my Bachelor of Music in Classical Music Theory and Composition from SFSU and began scoring for TV, films, games, animation, documentaries, dance companies, music libraries and other projects. I quit scoring about 25 years ago to focus on album production. I’ve released 15 albums which include 11 symphonies, many songs and short works and 3 (soon to be four) concerti. My studio includes the Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube and a lot of other tools and software.


Hi everyone :wave:

My name is Dom and I’m a pianist, music teacher and composer.

I’m originally from Brussels but I live in the UK in the Derbyshire area.

Like many musicians I have been locked down and just when this tricky situation started I had a friend of a friend in France asking me if could compose the music for her play.

I accepted and jumped into the world of Daw and virtual instrument. I had a few jobs composing for plays and one movie. The good thing with the lockdown is that I was able to do that hours everyday.

My goal is to improve my orchestration skills and mixing, balance, panning,…

I recently started a YouTube channel for posting my original composition and mockup of famous orchestral work:

Today I have just posted one piece on this channel which was my very first composition with a daw:

I’m happy to be part of this community.

Thank you for your time😊



I’m Alwyn Carvalho, from India, I’m studying a few instruments including the violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, cajon, etc. I’m trying to get more into composition and figuring out what works best to my ears.

I finished my MA in English Literature with a dissertation finding the parallels between Keats’ Odes and the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven. I’m greatly honoured to be a part of this forum as I have received much enlightening information from the posts written by Mike and others.

Here’s a cover I’ve made a while ago:

Sadness and Sorrow (Naruto) Cover