Winners of the Epic Trailer Music Contest

Congratulations to everyone that joined the Epic Trailer Music Contest, you are all winners because you evolved our skills and experience as composers! :slight_smile:

Choose your 3 Top Favorites below - Then Click Vote
(I will close the voting/poll on Sunday, 6th October 2019)

  • David Olofson - Battle of Earth
  • Ben Beard - End of Days
  • Carlo Tuzza - There’s no time Hero
  • Florent - The Gate
  • Ben Beard - Journey
  • Ben Beard - Homecoming

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David Olofson - Battle of Earth

Ben Beard - End of Days

Carlo Tuzza - There’s no time Hero

Florent - The Gate

Ben Beard - Journey

Ben Beard - Homecoming

PS. These were all the entries from members that earned at least 25 hearts in the community during the month which was one of the requirements of this contest. But I strongly recommend you all to listen to the rest of the entries, and share your thoughts and feedback in those threads here:


Not much voting going on here… :slight_smile:

Despite being pinned and all, I find it almost difficult to find this post at all, even when specifically looking for it. Maybe there should be an always visible spot for ongoing polls and the like in the navigation bar or something?


Hmm I could add it to the news menu in the navigation. Pinned posts are automatically un-pinned on user level if you go to the bottom of the posts, that’s hard coded into the platform as far as I understood it.


Me too, there should be a sort of notification or important notification from the owner of the from @Mikael :smiley: for all the users or something like that :wink:

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Added in the top menu now “news”, then most important news/posts will be there. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations to everyone that entered this contest, you are all winners from making music and evolving your composer skills! :smiley:

The voting is closed, and there are 2 entries that got the same amount of votes. I don’t want to flip a coin, so I used my internal admin statistics and decided to let the member rank decide. This is the final result of the epic trailer music contest:

1st place winner: Ben Beard @BenBeard
You will get the SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion library from Red Room Audio.
You will also get one of my courses, let me know which one you want in a reply below.

Ben Beard @BenBeard
David Olofson @olofson
Florent @florent83
Carlo Tuzza @Carlo_Tuzza

I have featured all finalist’s compositions in an article on


Awesome! This is the first time I’ve ever won anything :slight_smile: thanks so much for voting for me! Made the many hours on the tour bus working on tunes worth it!

Also shutout to other finalists, was some great tunes, everyone’s really talented :slight_smile:

Would love the drums and percussion course please Mikael :slight_smile:

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Congratulations Ben,
Oh I forgot you were on tour and still managed to crank out 3 entries, man that is impressive! :wink:

I will PM you the the course link with 100% discount. Oh, and I have emailed Red Room Audio to get back to you regarding the SAGA Trailer Percussion library which they sponsored for this contest, I am sure they will reach out to you soon! :slight_smile:


My apology for not voting in time. I didn’t catch it until yesterday. I listened to all the tracks this morning and my favorite tracks were Journey, End of Days and Battle of Earth, but all the tracks were good. Congrats to the finalists! Looking forward to the next contest!

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Ah, well the next contest is right now as you know: Ambient Music Composition. :wink:

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Thank you so much @Mikael. Congrats and happy for @BenBeard well done

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Thanks Carlo :slight_smile: was a fun contest, enjoyed your entry :slight_smile:

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Thank you, me too. I voted for your composition too :wink: