Join the Ambient Music Contest (Learn How)

Join the Composer Contest in October 2019: “Ambient Music”.
You can win prizes, level up your skills, and have fun making music! :slight_smile:

Check out my course: How to Compose Ambient Music


Here are the contest rules & conditions:

  • Compose a NEW Ambient Music track (no old tracks are allowed)
  • Submit your track as a New Topic here (YouTube or Soundcloud link)

Prizes for the Winner:

How to Win?

  • You must be highly active as a member in the forum during this month, and earn at least 10 hearts from creating new topics, replying in threads, being helpful, supportive etc.
  • The winner will be decided by voting in the community after the contest ended

PS. Special Thanks to Plugin Boutique for sponsoring this contest. My favorite online shop of Instrument/Effect Plugins and Sample Libraries! :slight_smile:

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hi, this is a great course, just bought yesterday, started first chapter, great


Thank you Florent, I’m glad to hear you enjoy my course. I love ambient and atmospheric music, even though this genre can sometimes get unfair critisizm, I believe that creating a sound world that sets a specific mood is a very creative and fascinating form of music. :slight_smile:


i love ambiant music, it is like painting or creating a virtual world with a specific sound color


I’ve been meaning to explore the gray zone between ambient music and soundscapes… Was touching a bit upon it in this track, where about half of the tracks (and most of the time) went into mostly atonal sound design to create the atmosphere. Then I basically just layered some ethnic flutes and orchestra over it:

Also interested in designing actual soundscapes, sound effects, foley etc. Just never seem to get around to it, as it seems a bit abstract and pointless without actual use cases, and I pretty much dropped the game development…

On that note, been looking a bit at using megascans in level design and cinematics. It’s kind of like the orchestral sample libraries of 3D visuals… The technology has reached the level of photorealism - and you don’t even need an AAA gamedev team to do it anymore. Have a look at this - but don’t blame me for any crazy ideas it might give you! :wink:


Just finished the Ambient course - really good thank you so much Mikael - really liked the live run through of making one of the demo tracks.

During the course I complied a Ambient playlist on spotify. link below

Don’t know if this would be useful to anyone else or if you want to add it as a resource if you think its ok for the course.

One quick suggestion is perhaps add a bit more on mixing and finishing ambient tracks etc. Otherwise an excellent course - Just need to make more ambient tracks now…


Very good playlist, much appreciated. In my courses I have not chosen to include links to any specific music streaming service, but rather lists so that it is up to each person to choose where to go to listen.

Indeed, keep making more music! :slight_smile:

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In Aztec Darkness, I really feel that it can be used in an action move based in the ancient South American empires, such as the movie Apocaliptico produced by Mel Gibson.

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