WELCOME: Start here and Introduce Yourself! =)

Hi Mike, hi everyone!

Thanks for this community. I have been a composer since 1981, as a University student and I went pro in 1988. I have been active in many areas of composition but really made my living with commercials until the early 2000s when I had to leave my country and moved to the UK. I teach music for the screen now at a university in England and I keep freelancing in my spare time. Throughout the years I have written music for a few indie films and documentaries in The Americas, but now I am beginning to write production (library) music. I am constantly learning and this is why I am here! :grinning:
I have used Logic since v2 in the early 90s, but also started with Performer in 1986 with v1, and I also used Vision for a few years. My first sampler was the s900. That ought to tell you something! Haha!
My current reel on my website https://descrivan.net is focused at commercials but I am currently signed up with Sencit Music in L.A. for film trailer music, none of which I can share online! (Unless you are a music supervisor and contact them).
I have also written a couple of academic books and a few articles on music/sound on film… but I’m more interested in writing music.
I am looking forward to learning from you all and being of help if I am able to!
Happy composing,


Hello Julio, and welcome to this amazing community that I call “the fellowship of composers”. :slight_smile:

Wow, you have huge experience Julio, and teaching music too…that’s great! :smiley:

Your website looks great btw, but it does not seem to be https (I got a warning from Google Chrome). You might want to check that, or simply update the link above to http:// instead.

What books have you written, are they published on Amazon?


Hi Mike and everybody in this composers’ community!

My name is Paolo Ondevilla. I’m a busy webmaster employed in an Internet Marketing agency who finds enjoyable time making my own music on the weekends. Although I’m in the Philippines, the US team considers me as one of them who needs to be working at the same time they are in the California office, I left the band I was working with 5 years full time by 2009 because I could not come with them them anymore as 9am in CA is 12 midnight in PI. In short, I 100% stopped playing guitar. Even though the guitar is displayed right next to me I wasn’t playing anymore.

Fast forward to 2017, bored, I still have my one and only guitar, I got inspired to try recording again, which I was doing before the full time gigging started in 1999. Tried to record that guitar using a voice recorder at one time and it was aweful. I searched and bought a new guitar online then searched for free recording software which are now known as DAWs. (In 1997 all I knew existed was Cakewalk it wasn’t like today’s DAWs.). Tried a couple of them for a few months then found that my PC laptop wasn’t powerful enough. Bought a PC, it wasn’t powerful enough either. Got more serious by 2018, paused my music production projects, made a plan, and waited until I finished upgrading my gear. By new year 2019, PC upgraded, I couldn’t wait until I got all the other cool gear I continued my learning on mixing and music production and selling music from watching Youtube videos and enrolling in Udemy courses. By June, I decided that Pro Tools will be my main DAW, then saw Mike’s free course about selling music online in Udemy and got 2 compositions released for distribution by August.

Happy to have seen Mike’s announcement about this community of like minded people composing great music. Thank you Mike for creating a free to join community for composers! I am looking forward to learning more and sharing as well. I see and hear a lot of awesomeness and a lot of respect among each other and respect for the gift of music in this community.

Have a nice day everyone! :slight_smile:

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Hello Paulo and welcome! :slight_smile:
Loved reading your story, I feel we connect so much more on a human level when we know the background and story of the journey we each had in music! :smiley:

PS. Please consider bookmarking this website so you remember to check back in, with the community I call “The Fellowship of Composers” :wink:


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Thanks Mike! I already bookmarked this site when I signed up today. Thank you for the “Inspiration for Music Makers” course you opened for free in Udemy for every composer out there and I was lucky enough to have found it. There was a paid course I wasn’t ready to spend for at that time and I didn’t have to after learning from your course which goes direct to the point in sharing all the insider info composers need to know about.

It may be the basic first steps in moving forward of what a composer can do online with their finished songs but in my work I am always online and search is part of the job yet I never heard the same info since I started this journey in 2017.

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That’s great Paolo, and if you have any questions do please start new topics in the related sections in the community! :slight_smile:

PS. I just published this article where I have made a summary of “the top fields of focus” I believe a music composer should have: https://professionalcomposers.com/your-learning-journey-in-music/


Awesome! I’m reading it now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction once again through this article. :slight_smile:

It’s my pleasure, and just for the record, myself and all composers in here are all on a learning journey. There is not finite level of mastery or perfection in any single field of life. But that is part of the beauty, don’t you agree? We can always learn more! :slight_smile:

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I agree :smile: You are a good teacher and I feel very lucky to be able to join you guys here who are at different stages in the music creation journey and pouring out purely a positive outlook in this community.

It doesn’t matter to me what level of musical career any member is at, of course I admire those already established composers and mind blown to realize the possibilities with music as a career, and the quality of sound nowadays - WOW! - but I joined “The Fellowship of Composers” for the inspiration and positive attitude as I’ve seen and felt so far.

LOL I was just going to reply I agree but the system says only a minimum of 50 characters can submit the form. But it’s all good to avoid spam :slight_smile: Now it’s longer than 50. I talk too much when I’m excited and happy :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ll be busy at work again about an hour from now, here’s me on Spotify (very recent development in my learning journey). https://open.spotify.com/artist/2UMtnQlgvhEFElEaRC7bEn

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Hi I’m Ciaran from Lisburn in Northern Ireland. I compose all sorts of things; EDM styles, ambient, soundtrack, classical, metal, hip-hop and trap; I really have no preference, it constantly changes and I like to investigate styles to absorb useful ideas from them.

I am beginning to focus more on cinematic music and developing my mixing and mastering skills. (I hope.)

Here’s my latest attempt at cinematic> https://soundcloud.com/ciar-n-patrick-francis/theme-1

Thanks for having me,

Ciaran McGrath

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Thanks Mike ,
I know some basic theory
Like what do s a I IV V chord progressions
I know a few keys

But using harmony and voice leading I do-not know really well

But Yes we are all on the music journey together :smile:

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Opps Mike I have a question for You Sir
I looked through You categories and I did not see any thread on Music Theory
or is this topic Name something different?

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Hello Ciarán and welcome! :slight_smile:
That’s a great range of genres and style of music you compose. I believe it is not only great for opening your world and perspective as a composer, but also a great input of inspiration and ideas by many genres of music.

I listened quickly to your track. I really love the vibe and lots of cool sounds in there. My main feedback would be that I think it lacks a bit low-end and warmth in the lower register. Take my opinion and feedback as you wish. :slight_smile:

PS. Please consider bookmarking this community website so you remember to come back often, it is truly becoming the best community for composers! :smiley:


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Hello Brian,
I honestly forgot to add such a category, thanks for reminding me! :slight_smile:

I decided to make it a bit broader “Music Theory & Knowledge”. I also took the time to re-organize the overall layout of all sections of the forum for more clarity. Take a look, I’m sure you will like it.

And please, if you have any specific questions about music theory (fundamentals, advanced or practical application of it) go ahead and create a topic in the new category: https://forum.professionalcomposers.com/c/composer-skills/music-theory

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Thanks Mike! I really appreciate the input on the tune! Yeah I learned to fatten and layer the low ends drums and bass; I’m applying it to my latest composition :wink:

I look forward to seeing what great tips and advice I can receive from this forum!

Happy composing!


Thank You Mike,
I am so glad that was added a lot of people I am sure want to learn more about Music Theory and how they can apply what they learn to their own music

And to be honest I really did not know where to post my voice leading questions etc… with out this new form :wink:
So Thanks

Mike quick question
I have a YouTube account and I only post unlisted videos links
do I have permission to used that as a way of ask for help and for learning purposes ?
And if so I was wondering where do I post it ?

You mean to show a video/audio example as part of a post where you ask the specific question? Absolutely, go ahead. That could be in any post, anywhere in the forum. Most probable would be in the “composition & production” or “sound design” sections though.

As long as it is not asking about the composition as a whole, that would go into the “music” section of the forum where we can give and get feedback on our tracks. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone!

I will be short. My name is Victor and I’m 32 years old. I produced beats (hip-hop / trap) and electronic music (mainly heavy electronic) for about 10 years with pauses. Now, I want to make a serious accent to corporate music and cinematic and to become a stock producer. But I have some troubles with composition in this genre and sound selection (mainly with drums) I would appreciate if someone could recommend me some drum sample packs for corporate music.

Glad to be here and I wish success to everyone in the chasing of their dreams in music production :slight_smile:

P.S. Thank you Mike for your courses. I already bought and watched 5 of them, they are very informative and professional, but need more practice :blush:


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Hello Victor, welcome to the community I call “The Fellowship of Composers”! :wink:

For corporate music I recommend acoustic drum kits, I use Addictive Drums and Superior Drummer when I need Rock/Pop drum kits. You might do electronic drum for the kick though sometimes, but hi-hats, snare etc. I feel get more “dynamics” with real drum samples.

PS. Would you mind updating your name to your real name in your profile please (at least first name) because I founded this community to be open and friendly, so we can each address each other by name when replying to posts. You can still have your artist name in your description in your profile. :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your kind reply :slight_smile:

P.S. Did it!

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