Show your setup. Pics, gear lists, mancave interiors

Hello guys, it’s Venn,

As the title reads, in this thread we could share photos of our creative spaces and studio shots. I’ll start by adding an image of my previous setup. It was about two years ago.

This was my main scoring and production setup.

Computer: MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011 with an external display attached
DAW: Logic Pro X
Interface: Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
Monitors: Yamaha HS8
Controllers: M-Audio Axiom 49 mkII, Axiom AIR Mini 32 and an iPad running Logic Pro X Control with some custom commands assigned.
Instruments: Barely seen to the left is a Roland SPD-S, and there is an Access Virus C that’s not seen on the pic.

Would love to see your past or current setups!



Great post and initiative Venn! :stuck_out_tongue:
I really like the image btw, nice perspective and lighting.

Alright, so here is my studio setup.

DAW: Logic Pro X
Interface: Propellerhead Balance
Monitors: Yamaha HS7 (my Stormtroopers lol)
Controllers: Studiologic VMK-188+, NI Komplete Kontrol S49, Streamdeck
Microphones: Rode NT1-A, Shure SM58
Instruments: Just a cheap guitar that I can barely play lol. I do have a digital Roland piano out in my living room for practice and coming up with new ideas on.



Nice setup, Mike!

I’ve seen most of it on your vids, hehe, but what about your storage drive? I see a LaCie to the left. Also love how you rotated the audio interface and monitor controller (the device to the lower right corner I believe) so you get better cable management :smiley:

What are the stands that position the Kontrol 49 and the Maschine? I bet you play it, so they gotta be solid.

Nice setup!


Thank you Venn, for storage I have:

  • Lacie Thunderbolt (8TB) in Raid Fast mode (getting around 400MB/s)
  • 2 separate Lacie Porche (4TB each) - Just spinning discs for random file storage
  • 1 Samsung SSD Evo 860 (1TB) - My main sample library drive
  • 1 Samsung SSD Evo 840 (0,5TB) - My secondary sample library disc (NI Komplete etc.)

Yes the audio interface is to the right, I want easy access to the volume knobs and gain knobs for mics/guitar input.

There is no stand, they lean against the “shelf” on top of the desk that my monitors are on. Which is an Ikea shelf for wall mounting that I attached legs to lol, hack! :wink:


Great post idea Venn! And lovely setup :slight_smile:

Having moved across the world TWICE in the last two years and sold off almost everything non-essential, I’m on a pretty limited setup!

DAW: Logic Pro X
Interface: Focusrite Saffire 2i2
Monitors: Focal CMS50 :heart_eyes:
Controller/Instrument: Korg SV1

Desperately needed but not yet purchased (as I’ve not been focusing so much on composition / production recently): some for of DAW / MIDI controller (I literally don’t even have mod/expression controls at the moment. It’s horrible.) and monitor risers!



Here’s my studio, the setup is quite standard: Left screen for arranging/writing, Right screen for mixing, Upper screen I have the movie I’m working on.


  • Table: Zaor Miza M
  • Speakers: Genelec 1030A
  • Sound card: RME Fireface800
  • Monitoring: Presonus Monitor Station
  • Control Surface: M-Audio Project Mix I/O
  • Keyboard: Alesis Q88
  • DAW: Nuendo 10

Other Controllers:

  • Streamdeck ElGato (i use it to show strings only, brass only, etc. as well as do other automations)
  • Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse that I use to access quick shortcuts (open current instrument track, open the export menu, etc.)

I have a custom PC tower with the following specs:

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Memory: 64 GB Ram
  • Hard Drive: 7.7 TB SSD
  • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1060

My studio is located in a post-production facility in Montreal where I have a couple of other composer friends located in different studios, great to socialize, help each other, and of course, geek about gear! :smiley:


Woah looks great! Nice and clean. :smiley:

But no acoustic treatment?

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Thanks, the room is surprisingly dead, but it sure could use some acoustic treatment.
I always verify my mixes in monitor headphones and in other locations before sending it to the final mix :smile:


Ah, but I must say it is far more enjoyable monitoring without disturbing echoing and standing waves.

Fun point: I always thought the term “dead room” is so strange. Makes us composers look even more crazy to outside people.

  • So what do you do for a living?
  • Well, I sit alone in a dead room and hit keys all day" :stuck_out_tongue:

Love all these set ups. Really interesting to see what people value in what they’ve bought!

My setups quite standard also. I tend to invest more in instruments or things to sample more than hardware etc.

So I have:

  1. 2013 iMac, i5 processor, only 8gb of Ram. (Bought it in the hope to upgrade ram… didn’t realise it’s the only year you can’t upgrade)

  2. 4TB LD external hardrive stack (with small built in fan, very quiet)

  3. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

  4. Novation Impulse 64 key workstation.

  5. Range of microphones - Nt1, SM57, 2 Rode M5’s, 2 Sontronics mics (can’t remember models), PG58 and I think that’s it.

  6. Just one sound panel so far but it’s a new space that I’m slowly treating. Amazing how just one does the job in balancing what your hearing when placed well.

  7. Instruments: Martin OMCPA4 Rosewood back and sides acoustic guitar, James Neligan acoustic guitar, epiphone hummingbird acoustic guitar, Yamaha FG 720 Acoustic guitar, Fender mex strat 2014 in Ocean Blue. Gibson Les Paul Studio 2006), 2 ukuleles, a Cajon (home built), a lot of misc Percussion, harmonicas, a Chinese flute, hand bells.

  8. Monitors - Yamaha HS8s.

Here’s a front view of my studio :slight_smile:


This is my humble little setup. I like to keep the studio tidy as, for me, it aids the workflow.


Nice setup, Adrian!

I’m considerin iCON Platform M as a main DAW fader controller, how you find it? I mean that price tag is so good, could you share you your experience with it?



Sure Venn,

My sequencer of choice is Cubase and it integrates using the Mackie protocol. You have the main faders that control the volume sliders for each channel and it is super easy to flick over to the next set of 8 channels. In other words moving from channel 1 -8 to channel 9 - 16.

The controls feel as though you are using a mixing desk as the sliders are motorised and feel nice on the fingers. I cannot think of any down sides to this controller.

One nice feature is to actually use it as a midi cc controller, think faderport and you will not be far wrong.

By the way I didn’t accept your friend request on facebook as that one is my personal page. I post all my music stuff to

Do you basically mix everything with Console 1 now, or do you use the Cubase mixer for anything still? For example, what about automation?

this is my kit. :grin:


Looking nice Bruce…with the mandatory spiderweb of cables of course (I know it all to well lol). :stuck_out_tongue:



The main mixing happens on the Console 1 but I control the track levels and any automation using the Platform M+. So left hand for the levels and automation, whilst the right hand can tweak the effects console.


I love a good studio set-up thread. Here’s my standing desk set-up I recently put together to try and save my back:

Made a video on it too for anyone that’s interested.


OMG, William! :stuck_out_tongue:
This is exactly my dream future studio desk setup…I would LOVE a standing desk solution that works!

I have been afraid of some things though, and I would appreciate if you could answer them to put my mind at ease if I am to go forward with this setup eventually:

  • Weight Limit: I have serious heavy weight stuff on my desk. Just the MIDI keyboards together weigh in at around 30kg. iMac weighs a lot, extra screen, all drives etc. Would love to be able to have racks etc. And my studio monitors.

  • Wobblyness: I am a fan of nice and rigid setups, especially when playing the piano keyboard or writing with my computer keyboard.

  • Cable Management: I guess it is very difficult to both have enough slack, while still avoiding clutter.

Please share your thoughts and experience using your setup in practice for all kinds of tasks (not only composing, recording parts etc.) :slight_smile:


Hi Mikael,

I cover most of your questions in the video but to summarise:

Weight Limit: I have around 100kg on the legs, the Jarvis supports up to around 150kg.

Stability: At standing height there is definitely movement when playing keyboards or my ROLI, I don’t think any two legged standing desk will avoid this issue, especially when you add a keyboard tray. I have seen a few 4 legged designs and if you want absolute stability these are probably the best option.

Cable Management: This is actually easier than I thought, its still possible to have a pretty clean set-up, the key is to attach as much as possible to the desk itself.

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