Good Choir with Syllables

Hey friends,

i need a choir vst which can play words or sentences.
Is there a good and cheep alternative below 100€? And i don’t use Kontakt so it should be a standalone.

I found a soundfont couple of time ago with 20 “syllable” patches and i implemented a VST which is able to play a different patch at every note played, but it sounds like soundfont and not like vst.

Maybe u have an idea.


You can always pay for eastwest composer cloud a month 20$ make your project and then unsubscribe. But I guess you might knew that already. I do this when I need to although I rather own my libraries.

+1 on for EeastWest Hollywood Choirs for this use case, which I believe you can access via Composer Cloud. Might not be the best option normally, as although it sounds great and all, it is quite some work to get realistic results out of it - but it does deliver if you put the effort in.

Haven’t used it much myself due to the work it requires, and also the need to write actual lyrics, but here’s my usual old, not overy serious test:


below 100$ there is only the eastwest cloud but keep in mind that when your subscription finish you cannot use your vst anymore, you had to subscribe again

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For 100$, you can check olympus choir elements from Soundiron ! here a video from Alex talking about it:


Hey! i just now paid attention to "i i don’t use Kontakt " Why ? i think the best choir librairies are working with kontakt, i was even coming to talk you about oceania that is on sale now for 79$ ! this is the best deal you can have now! oceania is an incredible choir library ! ^^ but yeah for non kontakt library Hollywood choir is the best one you can have !

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Hi Souleymane,
Thank youu for your tips. I compose at the moment just for fun. and because i am still very unexperiencend with composing, i dont want to spend much money on it. i dont think i can earn money with my music. so cheap to free should be the direction i am looking for at the moment.

Thank you guys, and keep going!

Best regards


Ok i understand! but i think it will be difficult to find something good as free ! may be you can try labs choir by spitfire it’s free ! or sonatina choir, it’s free too !

You have to get the full version of Kontakt, which costs $399 dollars, to play a lot of sample libraries, because they will not work with the free Kontakt player. The Olympus choir samples do work with the free player.

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I got Olympus Micro because I wanted a choir that sounded nice, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. It plays on the free Kontakt player, and you get an upgrade path with it if you want to upgrade to Olympus Elements later.

Ill think about that!
Thank you.
i have never heard of oceania. Took a look and WOW! IT. IS. INCREDIBLE!
But i still do not own kontakt :frowning: . idk why they dont release VSTs like Spitfire does.

Kontakt has been practically the standard “sample engine” for orchestral and cinematic instrument libraries the last 10 years or so. I don’t even like Kontakt, it’s a messy interface, not scalable and has a lot of workflow issues. But…I still use it, since 90% of the orchestral libraries are made for it.

However it is starting to change, Spitfire has their own engine now, as do Orchestral Tools.


i am pretty sure, open source will be next :smiley:


Oh man, if a super nice open source sample engine was released I would be so happy. Something like Wordpress did to the website/blog market. Now we have to switch around with all these different players and sample engines which makes learning and improving workflow pretty hard since everyone has a different approach.


that is one thing I dislike… everyone wants to create their own environment… so with a new plugin or a new library, you not only have to download their players… but also their updaters, and their installers… and create an account in their websites … it is annoying and very time consuming… exhausting! So now, I am very VERY thoughtful about what plugin or library I will install… also, libraries are very space demanding…
There is a new one (SWAM Libraries) which has very good engine (that’s again, a new one!!! aaggghh!!!) but they claim to have a very small foot print while having the most capabilities because they are managed by an algorithm that changes the sample sounds as if a real instrument played by a person… so no need to have 2, 3 5 or more samples for the same sound… just one or two, and the algorithm will play it differently each time. This is what I learned from an email, I went to the site but haven’t really read it… because I don’t want to be more hooked and buy yet another library until it is reviewed and well proved…

Also, and this is what attracted me to it in the first place, is that comes configured for MPE, so I can use my Roli Seaboard (Which is AMAZING)

IF anyone knows it and can review it, that would be every cool…

Skol !!! :beer:

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Wow that is so cool that you have the ROLI seaboard, I have looked at that many times and been tempted. Now I have also looked at the upcoming Osmose, which has the advantage that I do not need to relearn how to play the keys since it is based on common keyboard. But I think now with the new update to the midi standard, these controllers will be even more powerful! :smiley:

I thought that also about having to learn the Roli as a new instrument…

I can tell you that is soo intuitive, the second day I was `playing it as if I had years using it… it is soo intuitive… Get it! and the Synths that Roli sells in its site, are very cool also…

My choice will be Olympus Elements Choir.
It has everything i want, Staccato, Legato, 7 Vowels, Phrase Builder.
And finally it works with the Kontakt Player by now.

Here is a very good PDF which describes the differences between the products:


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I have had Olympus Elements for many years. Still use it, but actually I started preferring the choir in “Palette Symphonic Sketchpad” by Red Room Audio. It’s light weight, has only vowels (just so you know), but works very nicely as I mainly use those classic “ah, ohs and mm” for background choirs :wink:

For syllables I like Dominus Choir Pro and StormChoir. But those are much more expensive.


I bought elements choir yesterday, as it was reduced to 66$ :slight_smile:
First impression for me: WOW, so many things to discover, the articulations and the ambiences are very impressive.

Mike, what is the most important thing to make choirs so absolutely outstanding and sound great in epic music?

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