Epic Trailer Music Contest (September)

Meanwhile, I still have no idea what to do… :smiley:

Crazy effects on your Cello to make a tension type trailer, then add some big hits to make it epic? :wink:

Yeah, I’m not sure how to fit that into this theme… :smiley: (Though one could probably create some interesting textures for the build-ups.)

I did have some inspiring improvisation moments the other day, though, and figured I might have a go at an all acoustic track soon (cello, maybe some violin), a bit like the Wolfenstein: The Old Blood menu theme:


David, why did you do this…Now I also want to learn how to play the cello! :stuck_out_tongue:


Id love to give it a go, but have had a passing in the family this week and im now bogged down doing post on a film with a deadline in 2 weeks…

So shall look forward to coming back soon and enjoying everyones output.

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My deepest condolences for your loss, and my heart goes out to you and your family Matt.