Epic Trailer Music Contest (September)

Hello Composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:
Join the Composition Contest of the month: “Epic Trailer Music”.

Here are the contest rules & conditions:

  • Compose a new track on the theme “Epic Trailer Music”
  • Your track must be NEW (composed & published in September)
  • Submit your track as a New Topic here
  • Earn at least 25 hearts as a member in the community during September

Prizes for the Winner:

The winner will be chosen by the community (if all conditions are met above). I will go by the amount of “hearts” each track get. So make sure you only “heart” the posts below with your favorite tracks! :slight_smile:

PS. Special Thanks to Red Room Audio for sponsoring this contest with their amazing SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion sample library.


does the composition could be a video for a trailer by example ?

No need for video, just a composition in the style of “Epic Trailer Music”. :slight_smile:


Looks like fun. I am totally in. I have been busy scoring other things, haven’t done a trailer in a while, let alone epic trailer. Thanks Mike


ok thanks a lot for this precision
just a tracks with music in a epic genre

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Can we submit more than once? How long should the track be? Are there any other guidelines?

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Okay Mike, I have finished one up that I started last week. Where do I submit it to?

Sure, go ahead and compose several if you want to. Length does not matter, but I don’t think you will win with a three second track lol. :smile:

Just remember that your track must be created and published during this month. No old tracks. :smiley:

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That’s great John. I just decided to put this contest in its own section here in the community. Submit your track by creating a new post (create new topic) in this section, with your track link and description in the post. :smiley:

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I’m currently enrolled in an orchestral composition course & this week’s assignment is to compose a 30 second track. I made one yesterday & for practice I wanted to make a few more before I submit my work, so if I get a few done maybe this group could help me to pick which one I turn in for my assignment to be graded…Just a thought.


Sure you can use those, as long as you would classify them as “Epic Trailer Music” :slight_smile:

I hope I will write something epic eventually, as I am just having your course about percussion

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That’s great Julia. Well then you have no excuse for not joining Julia! :wink:
Everyone is a winner in my view, as long as we get to do music and evolve our skills and craft as composers. :slight_smile:


I’m new to Epic Trailer Music. Can you point to some examples, a video or a course? Thanks.

Absolutely Joseph, go to Spotify and search for these labels/artists:

  • Colossal Trailer Music
  • Audiomachine
  • Gothic Storm

You can also listen to one of my own compositions in this style here:


My only concern is a number of instruments I need to use. 3 low drums, 2-3 middle drums like taiko and what else? How many high hats or high drums like sticks -one or more? One or two short strings? Low pads or single long basses -one or more? I will figure out the rest. Thanks! I I absolutely love your course Mikael! Very logic, with very helpful demonstration, very good!

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I’m going to partecipate, but I need time.

I’m studying Trailer Music, I don’t like very much this “style” but I wanna join too :smiley:

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hi mike how can we see participants of this contest ? so we can learn something from oher tracks .

I don’t think you should overthink this area. The most important thing is “over the top” accents and extremely high contrast. Also the main/core groove of your beat (=percussion) should be very focused.

I’m glad you enjoy my course Julia, and I think this contest can be a great practice opportunity for writing a very rhythmically and percussion focused piece of music. :slight_smile:

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