Zooming whole screen?

I guess this question is really for Mike in particular but I was wondering how he zooms his whole screen on his videos. I know how to zoom the track area in logic but he zooms in on other areas as well. Apple has a little magnifying glass but it’s pretty lame.

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Hi Rolomoto,
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and their is great bunch of people in this community that are willing help and assist

It sort of funny I was just try to figure some like this out
I post a screen shot let me know if this is what your looking for

opps my bad I believe you just hit the key z
so if your zoom way in by hit the z key you will just toggle between the zoomed in area and the full window

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That’s a different function, useful in the piano roll and arrange area. I’m talking about something like this, where he zooms in on a whole area of his screen, for example the inspector. Maybe it’s a function of his screen capture program.

Yes that is the video editor software zoom.

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