Zones / Modes Controller Assignments Questions

Does anyone have a good way to conceptualize the Zones and Modes within Controller Assignments in Logic Pro X? I keep going in circles and I’m running out of Dramamine. I’ve read Logic’s help blurb and am still confused.

As a trombonist my world is simple: Air+Mouthpiece+Slide+Bell=Noise. This I can handle. Score paper and a Ticonderoga #2 pencil … I’m all over it.

Are Zones the physical controllers (I have an old Axiom 61 which is already mapped to Logic without my doing anything and a new Native Instruments keyboard for travel)? I usually have one or the other attached to my MacBook not both. I have an old Kurzweil pc88 in the studio … could that be used as another “control surface”?

Are the modes assigned for different purposes (e.g. mixing, synth parameters, etc.)?

The Axiom has four separate buttons (1-4) labeled as “zone” and four more (A-D) labeled as “group”. I’m assuming that has to do with things internal to the Axiom but … ???

The Axiom has 8 pots (B1-B8), 8 sliders (D9-D17), and 8 pads (C23-C30).

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Take care! Stay well!