YouTube vs Twitch for Live Streams

If I would start doing live streams in the future. Where do you guys prefer to watch long live streams by composers? :slight_smile:

Twitch or YouTube?

What are the upsides and downside of each platform in your opinion?

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YouTube :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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I would prefer YouTube myself, but I see so many others focus more on Twitch for live streams. Like Daniel James and Alex Pfeffer. I just don’t understand why? :stuck_out_tongue:

youtube if your target audience is mostly creators or composers especially, most of them will be on youtube watching other similar videos but if you do go on twitch it could be a good opportunity to get a new fan base and set yourself apart from other channels on there with people that will follow you to youtube. guess depends who your target audience is for the live streams. i feel like tutorial based ones are more common on youtube

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Good point Carl. I honestly don’t understand why so many use Twitch, since it is basically all about video games :stuck_out_tongue:

ya it is mostly for video games , chatting ,listening to music and a little bit of the dark web all mixed in together.