YouTube Tutorials - what do you want to see?

Hey Folks,

Thought I’d make this to see what you want to see out of a YouTube series.

As I’ll be starting to upload videos now I really want to hear from you in regards to what YOU want to see. What do you struggle with, what do you want to know how to do?

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Geoff @Geoffers,

i really appreciate that you ask, what people are intrested in, and what they wanna see.
There are sooooo many “how to” videos out there. I think, Alex Pfeffer, Daniel James, @ChrisSiuMusic doing so much stuff on that.
What specially for me would be very intresting is the “why”!
Why do we cut EQ everything below 20 Hz? Why does a dip at 500Hz help against muddyness? Why is a key change so important? Why does a specific key sounds heroic, sad, depressive?
Of course i know that these are informations, you learned and studied your whole life to understand and won’t like to give them in a youtube video for free, but if you find some informations you would like to share, that would be awesome.
As usual, its just an idea!

Take care and have fun,

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Hey Geoff! Awesome to see your interest in YouTube growing. The only advice I can offer is: along with being open to what people want to see, make sure that you’re creating content that YOU’d be excited to create as well. There’s no worse feeling than feeling trapped in creating material that you have no interest in!


Hey Michael, thank you for your input. I’ll definitely be including the why on all of these topics, when I get around to them. You’ll probably hear me go over these a lot in breakdowns of mixes too, which I’m planning on doing.

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Hey Chris, yes totally!

Luckily I’m very interested in doing all sorts of videos. I’m also on a place where I’m not entirely sure which direction I’ll end up going down which has kept my mind open to suggestions… I’m sure this will change over time as my tastes evolve and I go through content more on the channel.

How did you come to the specific things that you do on your channel? I’d love to hear your story!

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Hey Geoffers! Although, I’m still quite terrible at getting a good mix, I’m always interested in how other composers actually compose, so doing a breakdown of one of your scores or talking about theory or compositional techniques is always valuable to me–especially strategies on writing textural parts beneath your melodies/harmonies.

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Hey Matt, I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of these. I may even start with a series where I break the process down into ten minute chunks and write a track from start to finish.

Your totally right though I’m just being curious, we all have to find orlur own ways that work best with us when it comes to mixing, so I won’t be making grand statements like “how to mix strings like a pro” or anything like that… though I may say, “How I get my strings to sound pro”. Subtle difference but at least this way I won’t be misleading people.

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That would be super interesting. As far as mixing etc. I’m not horrible at. I actually finding my mixes sound a bit more rubbish when I’m using Cinematic Studio Strings for whatever reason.

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That’s a great question, and honestly, I’m still figuring my content out at this point. There’s so many things I love talking about, and I’m still finding that balance between what people want to see and what I enjoy producing! Nothing better than releasing something that people find valuable!

Your multi-part series idea sounds great! I’d definitely watch that.

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Sometimes certain libraries just don’t suit us. That’s just a workflow thing. Hopefully you’ll learn why this happens and be able to rectify it with practice :slight_smile:

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I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who has that mindset. I just love so many different things, and honestly… right now it’s all new so it all sounds super exciting. I dong think I’ll ever feel like I’m stuck in one type of thing… or at least I hope I won’t haha. It will be very interesting to see what happens one year from now.