Your thoughts on Heavyocity Ascend - Modern Grand?

Hello composers! :slight_smile:
I just finished my let’s play live stream of Ascend by Heavycity, a new piano library…but not really a piano library… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s more like an “ambient piano vs soundscapes vs sparkles” kind of instrument. Amazing and inspiring sounds, but a clunky and cluttered interface. I will 100% use this for “underscore” type piano, both beautiful soft pianos with atmosphere, and dark ambient underscore piano sounds. :slight_smile:

What do you think of this library, any thoughts?


i think that heavyocity has done again a great job in building this amazing library
as you said it is not a piano library but piano designed for soundscape, inspiring sound, creating big and various atmosphere
there is lot of effect inisde, a sequencer, and a lot of possibility
the triangle is a good idea to mix the different layer with the other

i think it worth to buy it, it is not very expensive you can have a great sounding library for just 119$

i think the difficuties is to use this library with classical instrument but not sure because in hybrid music you have electronics instruments and classical , so with this one it is also possible to mix up classical instrument with ascend instrument

i think i will buy it latter

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I think for simple minimalistic piano parts (like loooong chords) similar to Interstellar score, is perfect for this library. Also what we talked about on stream, atmospheric “sound design” pianos, in the style that you can imagine for the X-files scores. :smiley:

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