Your opinion about EastWest Cloud?

Hello composers
does anybody here have used or still use the eastwest composer cloud
what is your opinion about it ? which library is really worth inn this cloud ?


I have CC and I am using a lot of libraries from them and, of course, the Spaces II Reverb which sounds fantastic. I think that is a very good point to start. You will have nearly everything possible in professional quality and you can relax and add some other libraries while using the EW-Stuff for the first work.
The Hollywood Orchestra is still very good sounding, but also demanding and I think that the Kontakt-libraries are a little bit faster and easier to use. I have added Metropolis Ark to my template and I feel that is more playable and little less hardware-demanding. The sounds of the EW-orchestra are professional, the mic positions are still by todays standard fantastic and there are a lot of playing techniques.
Then I would recommend Hollywood Choirs, Stormdrum 3, RA and Silk, which I use very often.


I had it for a few months. My initial thoughts were it was very good after putting a lot of work in the get the sound you desire… not all of the patches are like this but it’s notable to remember that these libraries were incredible around ten years ago… things have progressed so as you get more libraries that are up to date, you’ll find you use it less.

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EW was the first sample library I bought, and it’s been going great! It has some high quality sounds, especially with strings patches in my opinion (with Symphonic Orchestra and Hollywood Strings), as well as some good drum samples. On the downside I am not too big on their brass samples, and I found the Play interface a bit clunky (at least on my laptop)… But I’d still recommend nevertheless!

My opinion is that in general subscriptions better than buying “physical” stuff. Because it’s all about your budget, some people don’t have 1000 of $ to buy all the libraries and plugins they want, some (like me) even cannot buy perpetual license of Pro Tools. So the best way is to use subscriptions cuz you can try for yourself do you need to use this or that stuff because what if you won’t like a library , a plugin or a Daw like PT and you spent money to buy its license. In this case you can buy a subscription try things and then cancel or continue using products you liked. I use PT subscription for a year already and love it a lot. I have already Kontakt libraries I use mostly all the time for Orchestral stuff and don’t wanna buy any new libraries. But if you are composing Orchestral stuff constantly and need some new sounds of Orchestral instruments it’s better to buy EW Cloud subscription and use these libraries all the time blending them with libraries you already have. So why not? :slight_smile: