Your Health as a Composer

I wanting to learn how to do Strength Training

since my vertigo dizzies slows me down and gets in the way of me doing normal moving fast exercises

this way I can strengthen one muslce at a time
I have been try to lose weight by watching my diet and been drinking hot to warm lemon haveing 1-2 bolied eggs a day and 2 bannas two times a day water twice a day

does anyone on here have or do strenght training I would like to pick your brain?

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This is interesting. I use free weights (dumbells), a weight bench and the Body Beast program. The program concentrates on a different muscle group each day (with a rest day which I supplement with Yoga).

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Well …watching your diet and eating well … we eat a fair amount of pasta dishes, Asian stir fry , and indian dishes as opposed to the good old “meat and potatoes”. (We still have meat and potatoes, just not as frequently)…I have not had a trip to a fast food restaurant for quite some time … I broke down and purchased a hamburger and fries and was ill on the way home in the car as I couldn’t process it …the other person with me had the same and it was not food poisoning as I had not had it in my system long enough for food poisoning to kick in …

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I am been trying to eat better two we seem to have gotten a instant pot form my aunt for Christmas which I am going to learn and create heathy foods
since I can see what and how much is going into each meal
I hoping this will make life just a bit easier :grinning:

Keith since You make Sir fry
I need some tips
How do You make that healthy and what are the basic ingredients do You use to create that meal ?