Will He Find Faith

This song is my 3rd attempt to create something without drums. I do not like drums a lot anymore on the moment. Its a classical/ambient/score kind of piece I think.This song tells the story of how Jesus comes to Earth. There is written that He will wonder if there is still faith. This is how this story sounds.

Its made entirely in Ableton Live 10 Standard with instruments from the Roland Cloud app.

Link is back up, I am sorry but it seems I have to edit all my posts to be able to show the link. It is weird because the tracks are just replaced so the link is the same…
But it seems that editing the post (removing the link and save edit and then edit it again and putting the link back in, makes my topics go back to the top. I am sorry for that, that was the reason why I did not want to reply to my songs but just edit the topic itself so it would not bump up. So I am sorry for that. I found out how to “master” them with Ozone 9 elements so I did that. I also put a bit of eq on the songs.

The overall sound is very nice and the feeling from the song is really like questioning, curiosity and little bit of doubt, so it fits well with your intention to describe wondering of Jesus if there is still faith on Earth. The first verse is a little bit empty, maybe it could be richer (like the second verse) right from start.

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Yes, I am still figuring things out I guess. I also want to move to fuller and fuller sound, so thats why in the beginning there is not much going on but against the end of the tracks all (forgive me Jesus) hell breaks loose.
But these are my first attempts to this soundtrack/ambient/classical kind of music. Been making dance music for a year but I wanted to create music pieces without a drum. I got tired of the mastering proces of the drums, the kick never sounded really as I wanted. I guess I gave up for now and started to create these kind of music pieces and to be honest, I like them…
Eitherway, thank you VERY MUCH for your time to listen to the song, and your comment! I appreciate it!

You’re welcome, I think this type of music which you want to do is more creative, so your boundaries are wider and I hope you will enjoy it. Keep going!

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Thank you! Its more difficult to say the least. In Dance music I could create one track after another. Now I see that I have to throw away a lot since the inspiration is just not there… I never really have an idea before I start composing, it all comes to me while composing.

So if it doesnt come then, it will not come at all and I need to step away for the day. Its harder to compose these kind of musical pieces but for some reason I like them a lot more.

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