Why we shouldn't use Logic for notation?

Hi guys, I wanna open a topic about Why we shouldn’t use Logic Pro X as a normal notation program like Sibelius, Dorico etc etc?

To be honest, I am an novice-int. user of Sibelius, I like it cuz I can see clearly the rhythm, the notes etc etc

I’m creating now the taiko track for the trailer contest and I’m working on the score editor inside logic pro, and I’m going to like it. So I was asking myself, why people won’t use it? What’s the problem? Should I start study the score editor of Logic?

Please clarify to me this question :smiley:

i am not a logic user, i use cubase 10
in cubase there is also a score editor but it is very simple, you have the very basic function
to me a DAW has a job to do and it does very well
and if you need to write score the bettzer way is to use a soft that it is his job like sibelus, finale or musescore because there are notation program
you can import midi file in notation finale and you can use all the notation tool to improve your score

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Hi @Carlo_Tuzza,

well I remember when I still worked with Logic, it was possible to see all the notes in the so called “notation tab”, but to be honest, it wasn’t looking really professional, although you could make it look professional I guess. But overall the workflow wasn’t great. So I never used it really. But sometimes it was useful to check something, how it could possible look in the future, when you export your MIDI-Data. Sibelius is ok, but way too overpriced. The best program is/was finally for sure. I never heard from professional arrangers, that they used something else.

If you ask me, I worked with the free software Musecore, working great, and Notion from Presonus. It’s super simple, you can’t make super great looking “Scores” with it, but for 60$ it does what it has to do. Just simple and clear arrangements.

Best regards and take care,
Alexey (JLX)


Actually, I know some professionals that DO use Logic for score production! That said, it’s generally not as flexible, or at least not as simple to get more complicated things setup in it.

Like with most tools though, if you learn to use it properly it can be pretty powerful.


Yes I started to use Musescore as well
but I also started using Logic Pro X score editor abit for notation for when I am experience with midi ideas etc…
Have 3 windows open
2.score editor
This way I can get a big over view of what’s going on in my daw

By 3 windows, do you mean you have 3 physical screens?

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Oh Mike my bad :grimacing:
Yes 3 virtually windows from Logic
unfortunately I have a 21” i Mac monitor so as You can imagine this get abit crowded :crazy_face: