Whispers in the Night

My Japanese flavored piece (Through western ears) called Whispers in the Night

Creative Vision for the Track:
Night is a time for Whispers.
A short, spare work for flute, percussion and strings. I wanted a quiet reflective piece to match my mood.

Composition Details:
Time Sig: 4/4
Key: G Major
Tempo: 149 bpm

Main Instruments used:
• Celtic Tin Whistle
• Flute
• Albion One Short Strings
• EastWest Timpani
• Asian Kit: Japanese Wood Block , Cymbal & Gong


Definitely got that Japanese feel to it. However I feel though as though the sound isn’t full enough, perhaps it is made on purpose, but a bit of reverb and dynamics could help better the sound I think. But the overall feel is great, resembles video-game music or RPG music. Good job :smile:

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Nice work Charles! Your sound and note selection are effective and bring images to mind that I think you are intending with this piece.

To improve the sound, try making famine adjustments to the instruments, especially the lead melody, that keep from sounding flat. I think this would breathe some emotional depth and feeling into your piece. Thanks for sharing your music. Really enjoyed listening.

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Whispers In The Night has spirit and mystery, but also subtlety. You managed to weave together a beautiful melody with lots of interesting percussive tones. Very unique music. I loved it!

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I appreciate your kind remarks and constructive thoughts.
Thanks for listening Mark.


Thanks for the careful listen Alexis. I’m glad your enjoyed it. And thanks for your suggestions.

Take Care,


I’m glad you enjoyed this and also found it unique. It’s relatively simple but in this case I think less is more.

Thank you much Dori. :smile:


Hi Charlie- Often in music, simplicity works best. I agree with you, less is more. Keep composing your uniquely wonderful pieces!

I like the sound and the theme

Percussion is quite impressive.:blush: