When will there be online sales for orchestral libraries?

Does any one know when some interesting deals and sales will arrive for orchestral libraries,?

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Well, I haven’t been keeping track actively lately, but many developers participate in the usual sales; Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and whatnot. Just make sure you’re on their respective mailing lists.

I also keep an eye on https://audioplugin.deals/, https://vstbuzz.com/, and https://www.pluginboutique.com/, and have grabbed plenty of nice deals through them. They also have bonus systems and whatnot. My favorite out of those is Plugin Boutique, which is well organized, has a HUGE assortment of plugins, libraries, preset banks etc, and even outside of the sales, you tend to get a few % off the official prices, along with bonus that counts towards future purchases.

That said, be careful about the 80+% off sales and the like. There are some gems to be found, but in general, the top notch libraries with consistent, solid quality samples and scripting rarely go on sales beyond 50%, if even that.

And of course, do your research beforehand, and maintain a wishlist, so you can buy what you actually want when the price is right, rather than trying to research in a hurry whenever an offer is thrown at you. That sense of urgency is a dirty and very deliberate sales tactic…


Have you tried https://rekkerd.org/deals-deals-deals/
They keep track of lots of deals.


at the moment Soaring Strings is for sale for $99 (usually $249) https://musicalsampling.com/soaring-strings/

you can also find more deals from https://www.audiopluginguy.com/deals/
and https://vi-control.net/community/forums/deals-deals-deals-tier-2.172/

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finally I bought the BBCSO Core for 280$ (student discount)!

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Must admit I’m a little bit jealous. :blush:

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haha no need to be it’s the first VST I have ever bought! Quite a big leap to say the least!!! Anyways thanks for the suggestions @Fredrik @Ace and @olofson !

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