What would it sound like if a carpenter wrote an aria?(classic)

Here’s my latest composition. Feedback is much appreciated as usual.

Classic opera

Bösendorfer piano EW
Css strings
8dio english horn
Strings Albion one spiccato and pizzicato
EW opera solo soprano
Soundiron tenor Bryn
Cinesamples harp

Description is what the title sounds like. I´m a carpenter who likes to compose music and decided to make something different outside my regular zone.

My vision was two singers performing a soft duett on an opera stage.


Really beautiful! Beyond that, I’m not really an Opera aficionado, it sounds great to me!

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Thank you Randy. I just love when an idea pops up in my head and I can’t let it go. No matter what genre.

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Beautiful setting for a wonderful piece, Fredrik! Much to be proud of here!

I love the fact you claimed this was “outside my regular zone”. It sounded warm, honest, unpretentious, and from the heart. I can easily see it as you envisioned it on the opera stage.

I’m wondering if you’ve had a chance to put the individual voice parts in front of singers for their feedback. I have a feeling they’d be drawn to the lyricism in your writing.

There were some nice orchestration moments when the melody passed between instrument families (e.g. English horn to strings) that kept the ear engaged without distracting from the principal voices.

Kudos, Fredrik!


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Thank you for those words Stan.

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Wow Fredrik. It sounds very nice.
Definitely you have a talent for beautifull melodies. Some second voices are amazing.
Only one tip: I think that a richer harmony would add some value to the piece, because you could create more complex chord cedences that now sound quite simple.

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Thank you very much. Good feedback as usual. Yes your right, actually I never thought of trying alternative chords. I only had the melody in my head. :+1:

Nice song, good progressions and nice arrangement, everything thoughtfully mixed. A pity that you couldn’t use a real singer for this, a real voice will always give the extra touch that would match your specific song.

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Thank you for those words @Peter_Sauleda
I really love this journey in learning midi composing. To bad you couldn’t have a word builder that would do the job perfectly.

Several years ago I used Students from the Opera Conservatory in Madrid, If you live in Stockholm I think that there is a conservatory where they teach singing. The students are usually very happy to help since they get useful recording experience. Being students, it is easy to make an arrangement with them. They are in desperate need of good recordings of their voice and that is something you can give them putting their voices in your tracks and maybe even recording a song or two that they would like to have in their repertoire. A plus is that the recording will go very fast, trained singers will get it right after 1-2 recordings if you give them a score.

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I had absolutely no idea of this. Great advice. I’ll look into it. Often when an idea pops up it contains Vocals. In my head I personally tend to think melodys mainly for violin, second for voice or horns.