What’s you hourly rate?

Hey y’all!

Lately I’ve been creating music for podcasts and music/parody videos and the company has since seen a great increase in (paid) subscriptions, not necessarily because of my music but the videos with my music do pretty well (couple 100k clicks).

The other day yet another company approached me to ask wether I would be interested in writing for them. Now these guys are way bigger than the first company and I’m wondering if I should up my rate a little…

With the first company I was set at 50$ per hour and was wondering if that is good or average or too low??
With these guys I’d like to ask 75$ per hour.

I occasionally compose original and arrange a lot of stuff. Only music, no FX. One project takes me anywhere between 3 and 15 hours, depending on complexity and I have about 2-4 projects per month with each company.

The second company is asking for my hourly rate now and I’d like to get you guy’s take.
What do you charge for what kind of work?

I live in Europe and both companies are in the States. Not sure how things work over there and if they will try to negotiate my rate or something… Any thoughts or suggestions?

I think this is the best answer to that question that I’ve seen.

It’s from Anne-Kathrin Dern:

Though I have a published price list on my site, like Ann says in her video, it widely varies from project to project. There are so many variables to consider.