What Awaits Us Beyond - Sad Music Contest Entry

Uncertainty, word of the month. There was countless of times when I was about to bin the whole project but for some reason I just kept going and was able to finish this.

I got the vision for the piece after finishing the sketch. I just stumbled down into thinking, what happens after death? Religions have interesting views on it and science can’t really completely explain it. So this felt like a good topic to let the imagination to do it’s work.

Song starts with some sort of intro which carries the listener into the title. There’s something sad, emotional, tragic, melancholic, even some hope and playfulness. As I finally got a new computer up and running, I was faster than ever to do tons of all kind of trial and error stuff (as usual) :slight_smile:

I also put some effort on the video which is built from several different video clips (around 25). All the clips are from pixabay. Hopefully it helps with the song a bit.

I highly recommend everyone to participate on these contests as these really forces you to go into uncharted territory.

Enjoy the ride and I’m really interested to hear your opinions / feelings about this.


Cool! Quite a creative ride. I had to listen/watch twice. I love the big parts flying through the sky.

The video supports the story and theme well. Might be my monitor, but I thought some parts looked a bit darker than it should. But again, might be my setup.


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Hey Riku @RSM,
this is - as usual - such wonderful work. Congrats on that composition. It really explains your vison and gives a absolute insight in what might be “beyond”.
Well done!


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I like the creative variety in here! Definitely would be good for movie scoring. I like the clock part where you have various arpeggios playing at different speeds. I felt like I was being hypnotized.

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Excellent piece Riku. I liked the concept and the video went well with the music, though I must admit that it put me into a more contemplative/philosophical mood rather than sad, but the music was great either way!

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Great piece. I didn’t expect the organ in the piece. Great arrangement. Unexpected chords. I like the vocal in there too. Definitely a musical journey!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for the warm words! Yeap, the big parts are my favorite too.

There might difference between the darkness of the parts. It’s hard to tell as my monitors/displays are pretty cheap, so it’s pretty difficult to do any editing related to pictures or videos. But definitely keeping this on my mind for the next possible video.

-as usual- Thanks for listening and spending time with the piece :slight_smile:

Thank you! The clock part just came accidentally as I first made some harp arps and then added or tried valhalla supermassive with it. Got a pretty haunting feeling with it but then I just added some synth layers and bouncing low strings to get that mushroom land / hypnotic vibe to it. The part itself is very different from the others so it was quite challenging to fit in. It was pretty close that I almost left it out completely.

Philosophical… that’s a good description! I agree that it’s not sad all the way. I personally didn’t want to go full on sad mode, so I mostly followed the other sub adjectives Mike mentioned (Emotional, Melancholic, Tragic) and yes, there’s something other than those 3. Thanks for listening!

Nice that you spotted the organ! With that I tried to create a bit of a funeral type of feeling. I’m not a piano player at all so the organ felt even harder type of beast to fit in.

It definitely fit nicely. Thanks again for sharing this!

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I love it. Very variated and smart song. All well mixed and fitted. :clap: :clap: :clap:
The arpeggiated part reminds me “Tidy geometries” by Ray Lynch :ok_hand: