Westworld Spitfire Scoring Composition - A funny exercise

Hi there,

I must admit that this is my first action scene score ever and I had a great time. I’ve only composed music for documentary movies. The analysis work is similar but the target and methods are new for me. Even I had to start using a VST tool to sync music and video playing because time coincidence is very important. I am glad with the results. I hope you enjoy it.

Track Description : It follows the action in the scene.

My Creative Vision : Action rules. Emphasizing the events that take place in the scene.

Composition Overview : I tried to make short of a “vertical orchestration” strategy, adding layers and/or instruments that represent an event or a character that enters the action. I tried to avoid melodies because they could be too much attractive to the focus, although there are some short phrases or chord cadences that repeat in few moments making the composition coherent and someway memorable.

Main Sounds : As far as it is not a melodically oriented song, sounds are especially important. I chose pad sounds for the background long chords. Rhythm is essential for the scene so besides intense percussion there are rhythmic synths also. Some of the sounds are associated to events or characters and repeat when they occur (paranoid, motorbike…).

Other important elements are effects that help very much in transitions and add intensity in some moments. It has been a great fun for me using them for the first time inside a composition.

This is the link:


First of all, big thanks for writing an insightful and valuable description Vicente! :slight_smile:
It it something I want this professional composer community to stand out with from all other forums online with so many lazy (check out my track) posts.

I will give my feedback later, but I am working on something right now in my studio so it will be later today. :smiley:

the build from 2:41 is right on point. your music matches real well the pace of the scenes and it sound moody, cool choice of sounds too.

Thanks Carl

Very cool Vicente! I like the darker synth/processed sounds to give it that dystopian/action Sci-Fi feel. It’s almost both sparse and yet action packed at the same time.

Thanks Matts. Mission aclomplised :+1: