Welcome our new Brand Member - Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)

Let’s welcome VSL as a new brand member of this amazing community! :slight_smile:

VSL is one of the most experienced and known orchestral sample library developers in the world, with a huge catalogue of products.

Here is a Video of their Syncron Player:

PS. @VSL lease take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your products further in this thread. :slight_smile:




I’m Ben from Vienna Symphonic Library, and I’m looking forward on going to have interesting conversations with you all :slight_smile:

Feel free to tag me if you have any question related to our products, or you want to hear my opinion on a topic. I will also help you to find the best library from our huge collection of libraries for your specific use case. Also, I will keep you updated here in the thread on new product releases and current sales.
Stay tuned :wink:

Best, Ben


I love VSL. Still navigating around the learning it but I love it so far.


Which products of theirs do you have Jonathan? I see they have a new “synchron” range of libraries, which I assume is very different from their older ones?

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We just released an expansion pack for our Vienna Smart Orchestra.
To celebrate this release we discounted the it to 145€ and the ExpansionPack to 60€ (normal price: 85€)

Smart Orchestra is a collection of orchestral instruments optimized for live playing on a keyboard or for quick sketching and scoring.
This package is NKS ready.

You will get great presets that enable you to quickly start playing and switching instruments on the fly. Play the strings with the left and the lead instruments with the right hand, or play the them in full range.

New in ExpansionPack

Legatos: Viola Ensemble, Cello Ensemble, Piccolo, English horn, Bass clarinet, Bassoon
Single Notes: Harp, Celesta, Timpani

Listen to the demos and videos. More information are available on the product page.


All MIR Products 30% off:
MIR PRO (24), all RoomPacks as well as the MIRx extensions.
More information here.

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I have spent ALOT of money with VSL.
Special Editions Vol. 1-4
Special Editions Synchronized Vol. 1-4
Standard Woodwind
Standard Brass
Standard Percussion
Jazz Drums
Mir Pro
Vienna Suite Pro

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I was just recently introduced to VSL, and I have so far been very impressed. I will review Synchron Strings I soon, and hopefully the percussion later. They have a great number of dynamic levels, which makes a huge difference as there is less cross-fading going on.


I love VSL. I never use the strings because my main interest is concert band and jazz band mockup. Still and yet, I have three issues with VSL libraries that I have:

  1. The tone of the trombones need some work in my opinion. It’s the same in both the standard and synchronized editions.

  2. The learning curve is sooooooooo high. They release a lot of videos that “ introduce “ the new products and several showing examples of the finished mockups, but few show us beginners how to actually use the libraries. He kinda assume that we already know how to use it when we don’t.

  3. I wish I could get full use of all of the articulations when using say Art Conductor or even creating my own articulation set inside of Logic Pro. I don’t know if this is a VSL issue or a Jon being an idiot issue.

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Regarding 1: I haven’t looked at their brass and horns yet, only have the Woodwinds so far which was amazing imo.

Regarding 2: Yes it’s very deep, and the creative options seems amazing. Learning how it all works might take a while, but often things that require some time learning also have the best end result.

Regarding number 3, could it be because they have a very unique key switch method in the Synchron player? I mean they have several levels of key switches, so for example if you have legato notes on the first level you get some key switches on the 2nd level. And this changes depending on what main type of articulation you use.