Welcome our new Brand Member - Aaron Venture (Infinite Brass etc.)

I want to welcome Aaron Venture as a new brand member of this amazing community.
Learn More about Aaron Venture here: Amazing VST Sample Libraries for Playability

Aaron venture is a new and upcoming sample library developer most famous for their “Infinite Series”: Infinite Brass, Infinite Woodwinds etc.

PS. @AaronVenture Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your products further in this thread.



Hey everyone,

I just got set up here. Thanks @Mikael for the invite!

For nearly two years now I’ve been busy with creating playable orchestral instruments that solve all the hurdles one might run into when sampling solo instruments like phasing, rigidity and mixing/blending difficulties.

Infinite Brass was released almost a year ago and has since received 3 big updates and a 1 instrument expansion (all for free). Another update is in the works and will be released soon. Infinite Woodwinds came out 3 months ago, with an Eb clarinet added last month (with many more to come).

I plan to do an entire orchestra, so Infinite Strings are next with Infinite Percussion slated for sometime in 2020.

You can find out more at https://www.aaronventure.com/


You are very welcome Aaron,
I personally believe you are on to something with the way you implement your products! Your focus on playability and unlimited expressive capabilities is something I am certain the composer community will love! :slight_smile:

I do believe the strings will be the most technically difficult to implement, but I am very much looking forward to see how you will handle it.

PS. Remember to post in the commercial announcement sections as soon as you have a new product announcement/update or special deal.

Indeed they are, because they are by far the most complex out of all the instruments in the orchestra. So wrapping it all up while still remaining true to the core ideas behind Infinite is quite the task.

Will do! Thanks again for having me here.

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How have I not heard of these libraries before? The sound of sampling, with the expressive control of physical modelling. (I currently make do with the former, as the sound of the latter still just doesn’t do it for me, generally.)

I suppose this approach requires a fair bit of skill and effort to get realistic, expressive results - but as someone crazy enough to pick up the violin and cello as a side effect of getting into virtual orchestration, this is exactly what I want, in particular for solo parts and intimate small sections.

On that note, have you tried breath controllers, ROLI Seaboard and similar controllers with these libraries?

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Indeed this seems to be a golden combination of samples and “physical modeling”/scripting. I am an avid opponent of key switches, so this technology and approach speaks very fondly to me. :slight_smile:

@AaronVenture perhaps you can answer if your products are compatible with breath controllers, ROLI seaboard, Leap motion etc. and if there are any guides/articles/videos/demos of using such controllers with your libraries?

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All of the demos (and the walkthroughs) were performed with LEAP Motion. Using 5 controllers is great and playing with it just feels so natural to me. I love that thing to death.

The libraries are configured to play nicely on a standard MIDI keyboard first and foremost. Velocity determines the dynamics of the initial attack and CC1 determines the dynamics of the overall sustaining notes. You can use the interplay of two to achieve different sounding attacks as well.

There’s an Attack Range knob which determines the offset of dynamics that velocity can affect away from the main CC1 value, so if you were to set that to 0, your attacks would always start at your current CC1 value. I imagine that’s the default configuration you want to go with if you’re using a breath controller, although having velocity impact your attacks can add another layer of depth to your breath controller performance and I’ve heard of people liking it that way.

I’ve not tried it with a ROLI Seaboard. I imagine there would not be any problems since these instruments thrive with performance-oriented gear. The flutter, growl and vibrato controllers are all playable, and directly influence the sound.