Website for a demo reel audio

Hi guys, I would like to know if there’s a website more composer’s friendly, where you can put your tracks for a demo reel and you can edit easily and embed in you website.

I know about soundcloud but… don’t know if i like it. I use it and if you are not “pro” you have some disadvantage.

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What do you mean by “pro” and disadvantage @Carlo_Tuzza ?

Actually you just need a real website, from a well know provider like WIX, or JIMDO, there are a lot, and you can always have the option to embed the Soundcloud links or Bandcamp etc.

Check out my site:

It’s not fully done, but under LISTEN I have embed my Soundcloud playlists.


I have seen some composers using this service for their portfolio:


You can, this is what they write at the bottom. Pro and Unlimited. I guess the quality is around 128kbits, but you can definitely replace your tracks. If you use vimeo, you can get a better streaming quality for sure. But at the end of the day, people who want to hear your music in a better quality, will buy your CD, or at least iTunes etc.