Way to transmit MIDI long distance over the internet

Hello guys!

I am here with a rather strange question, but I got a case that requires special attention. I am working over the internet with a team in Germany, and we are working on some MIDI heavy projects. We’ve found a way to transmit high quality audio over the internet, but seeking the same option for MIDI.

Have you ever stumbled upon a solution that transmits MIDI over the internet? I am aware of the latency introduced, but that’s not an issue we are looking at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated!


I’ve not seen an application…and surprised there isn’t one … but as the internet dynamically selects it’s routing based on traffic congestion … the latency can be all over the place … I worked on an HD wireless video solution as well as private WAN and even with the tech we were working with ( military grade hardware) we still experienced huge delays with buffering …but im curious about this too …

I’ve no personal experience with it, but have you checked this out:

Seems to offer what you’re after, I think? It’s a bit limited though, so might not have enough capacity for you, depending what your project is.