Voices of Life - Beautiful Music Contest Feb 2020

Hallo Everybody,

i kindly hope my music is “good” enough to join the contest.
Beautiful music means a powerful and uplifting feeling to me. So i let these feelings flow into my composition proces. As an absolute beginner, i hope u like it a bit. I am very happy for all comments, and i want to say thanks to all people loving, making and enjoying (epic) music.

Seven Tears of Hope - Voices of Life

Feel free to contact me.

DAW: Reaper 6
Spitifre Epic Strings, Epic Brass, SSC Taiko Drums


Simple but with a good emotional charge! Really like it :+1:t3:

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Thanks for watching and your feedback.
I am very proud of my work, keeping in mind i started one year ago and with a only some hours of time a week. Im just doing this for fun.
If you have any suggestions for me, how to improve my tracks, what do you miss? What should be much better? Just don’t hestitate to tell me :slight_smile:)

Thanks again, sincerly yours,

I think you did a pretty good job here! Doing music for fun is the best way to learn :+1:t3:
My only criticism would go to the expression on the strings; they sound a bit flat. Because these are samples they lack that human feel. However, there’s ways to improve that. If it’s something you wanna find out more about let me know :wink: Overall great music!

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a beautiful, dynamic and luminous composition that is truly inspiring. I like the evolution of the piece. The emotions are present here.

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Thank your for listening. i always try to implement a climax (“Wall of Sound”) into my songs.

Love the way the track gradually builds and I like the brass especially. Nice almost ambient drums as well.

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