Videogame Main theme - Adventure / Horror / Orchestral

I’m working right now with a videogame studio and making the music for it. I’ve uploaded a demo of what I think it will be the main theme. Hope you like it!

My Creative Goal for the Music:
The game is going to be more or less like a Tomb Raider game, mostly adventure and surviving, but with Dinosaurs (Hence the horror part). I just wanted the main theme to be consistent, creative, and easy to remember. I’ve added lots of drums giving it a tribal feeling, piano and orchestra for epicness, and synthesizers for the horror parts of the rest of the project. There will be more music in the game so I need to have a correlation between them.

Main Instruments/Sounds:
I’ve used mostly Metropolis library, Alicia Key’s, and Serum.
I only use Fabfilters plugins for editing, and the reaper DAW.

Track Insights & Final Notes
It’s still a WIP, I just wanted to hear what people think about the music.

Have a nice day and happy holydays!



Took a listen and I like the theme. I’d say the theme is good but you need to manipulate it more to create that horror feel. Right now it’s more of a standard minor theme. You can do this by introducing downers, pitch bends, dissonant harmony, de tuned and reversed sounds, glitches, more darker ambient sounds.

Loved the bowed cymbals they’re a great addition!

Liked the string part too though your realism needs some work. If your using Met then I’d say mix it with another strings library. Something like Albion 1 strings or cinesamples strings are good.

Really nice heart beat boom too. Well done!

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I´m amateur so I can´t give you any useful criticism. (but all listener isn´t pros so I thought I´d give you how hear it):+1:
Loved the music.
Love the pulsating rythm.
Nice short strings.
Maybe I didn´t get that much horror feeling.

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To get the SoundCloud widget to show, just copy and paste the link to your SoundCloud page in your post. Do not use the hyperlink button. I was trying to do this with my track and finally figured this out myself.

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Hey Tony,

Great track you posted here. I really like the percussion you’ve used. Which plugin did u use for this? The piece when the high piano plays pleases me very much. Goosebumps!

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Thank you so much. Yeah, the horror feel will be added in future songs. This song is part of the main intro of the game so… I thought it would be nice to not give that much feel of horror in this part. But I will keep your advice. Thank you for all the constructive criticism. Really appreciated.

Thank you so much for your kind support. The percussion I’ve used was everything from the Metropolis Ark Library. Really nice library!

well done, it is a good composition
if i can suggest some idea :slight_smile:

  • at 0’46 it sounds more epic with the percussion you have used, perhaps use some non traditionnal percussion and atonal (8dio epic dhol, sable drum, hybrid tools from 8dio)
  • the rythmics is very good at 1’50, perhaps add some bass like tuba staccato and double bass in pizz at the beginning of the measure or in the middle to bring something strange or a tension
  • you can add also a pedal note with string harmonic in pianissimo
  • you can add choir in the low range with a mmmm sound
  • the ryhtmic sound like a heart beating , great
  • you can add some dissonant sound with water harp by example
    it is some ideas

I’m a beginner so I can’t give you much criticism. But I can tell you what I like, and I love this.

I did notice one thing. In the middle section, I heard the heartbeats and to me, they were quantized and on the beat. To me, it would sound “more real” if the heartbeat maybe got faster. But the track is great.

Really like this track - would work well in a game OST cutscene. May be worth as well if aiming for games to think in looperable sections or at least themes that you can bring back in other tracks.

Hi, Tony. Thank you for sharing. I - like some - am a novice - so I can’t provide particulars, but possibly overall takeaways from an end-listener’s perspective. In terms of genre - I do not get horror. I get action-adventure, sci-fi, apocalyptic end world sans zombies. Around 2:08, you bring in these simple two piano notes - absolutely mesmerizing … hypnotic, even. They continue till about 2:47, constant, when the main theme opens back. For me, those two notes far surpass the heartbeat. Some may find the same two notes annoying, but for me, I found it hypnotic, allowing the other tracks to seep through. Overall, the main theme - it reminds me a bit of Crysis 2 in some ways. Great work. I just might have gotten a few chills, too.