Video - Spitfire Albion One vs Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark

I made this a few weeks comparing these two libraries, hopefully someone might find it useful in picking an orchestral ensemble library.

I do direct sound and feature comparisons between the two libraries.

p.s - Mikael, is there a way to embed video, rather than link to it?


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That was you can also post your new educational videos like this one. :slight_smile:

Ehm…the share link should become an embedded video automatically if you simply copy paste it into the post. Must have been a temp bug in this case. But no worries.


Hello William,

Thank you for this video! Very in-depth and professional. I’ve never used Metropolis Ark, but Albion One is my go to sketching library and was happy to see it performs well compared to Metropolis Ark!

I don’t have any library of Orchestral Tools yet…as they are quite expensive if I would get the full range (which I like to get a balanced palette). But Metropolis Ark might stand on its own from what I’ve heard.

Ah thanks Mikael, I’ve edited the post and it seems to work fine now. Yep site is bookmarked, I’ll be dropping by whenever I need to procrastinate over some work.

The Ark series are more stand alone yes, each with a focus. Ark 1 is a fff turned up to 11 vibe.

Venn - Thanks! Glad you found it useful.


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As an OT fan myself, I find their libraries feature some of the best tone I could ever find out of any developers. The Berlin series is more classical, laid back, and rich. The Arks are on the aggressive extreme, and these can absolutely stand on their own. If I had to choose one to start with, Ark 1 or 2 would be your best bet (depending on the style of music you write).

They’ll probably have some sales coming up for Black Friday, so hang on Mike!

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I’ve seen you use them a lot yes, but I am leaning more towards CSS as my next string library :slight_smile:

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Watched this video a while ago! Really helpful . Thinking of getting Ark next as i have albion 1 and its great, but Ark has some great big sounds I want for trailer music :). Its tough as CSS sounds awesome as well!


Glad you found it useful Ben. I write a lot for trailers at the moment and Ark is probably my most used orchestral library in that style, it just cuts through so well and I haven’t found another library that gets across the fff dynamic the same way.

It definitely a library for a specific purpose though, there isn’t really anything below mf so its kind of stuck on 11.

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