Ventus Winds Duduk - Now available from Impact Soundworks!

NOW AVAILABLE from Impact Soundworks…


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The Duduk marks the sixth entry into our Ventus series of deep sampled woodwinds from around the world. It features a comprehensive set of recordings capturing the mysterious, haunting tone of this classic Armenian double reed instrument, from core articulations to grace notes and ornaments.

  • Vibrato and non-vibrato sustains with multiple dynamics and RR
  • Emotive and tongued sustains
  • Down, up, and up/down grace note bends
  • Trill and fast trill sustains
  • Staccatos (regular and tongued)
  • Legato and portamento
  • Five types of releases
  • 700+ pre-recorded phrases, categorized

In addition to the hallmark depth of sampling the Ventus series is known for, we’ve also redesigned the script and UI from the ground up. The new engine we’ve created will be the basis for many more ISW instruments in the future, not to mention updating previous instruments.

Introducing the AGILITY Engine

Like the name suggests, Agility makes it fast & easy to create and tweak authentic performances. It’s simple to use but also offers plenty of editing and customization features to fit your preferred workflow. Here are just some of its key features:

  • Polyphonic legato that feels great out-of-the-box
  • Seamless morphing between dynamic layers, ornamental articulations, and vibrato
  • Multi-voice harmonies with customizable intervals
  • Scale locking to a variety of useful preset scales and modes for easy authentic playing
  • Legato latency compensation allowing you to sequence on the grid without offsetting destination notes
  • Split-point legato, allowing for transitions even when notes do not overlap

You can expect to see this platform used not only for solo instruments like the Ventus series, but melodic ensembles as well!

Our Duduk also includes two other powerful script tabs, namely the CONSOLE modular FX mixer (30+ FX modules to use in any order) and TACT 2.0 articulation controller. If you’ve used libraries like our Shreddage 3 series you’ll already be familiar with these useful tools!

Audio Demos


Pricing / Availability

Ventus Winds Duduk is available now at the list price of $99 (Kontakt Player 5.7+ compatible). Owners of any existing Ventus library will save $20 with a crossgrade coupon.


Wow this seem really interesting, lovely tone! :slight_smile:
I also like your new interface (I got it in Shreddage 3 the first time).

PS. Am I the only one that always thinks of the Gladiator score when I hear a Duduk? :stuck_out_tongue: