Union is SoundSpot's plug-in

Hi Everyone,
My friend just mention to me about this plugin

Union is SoundSpot’s next-generation wavetable synthesizer


Does any use this ?

I checked the video demo, and while it seems good, I already have plenty of synths so I’ll pass on this one personally. :slight_smile:

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Haven’t researched yet… Since I have a few wavetable synths (some of which have nice GUIs and many other algorithms as well), I’m not really looking for another one, but that’s a pretty massive discount, so it might still be of interest.

Generally speaking, from my point of view, the value of “yet another synth” - provided it’s stable, and sounds good - pretty much comes down to three things:

  1. Does it do something new and interesting?
  2. Does it have a UI or other features that can improve workflow?
  3. Does it come with a substantial library of quality presets?

Of course, if you’re looking for your first/main synth for custom sound design, UI, features, and sound quality should probably be top priority, and if you’re new to synth programming, you might want to go with a popular one with good documentation, tutorials etc available.


Ya I haven’t download yet I been reading on forums that their no way to midi learn functions and this is a CPU hog
I donot know how true this is I might just download the trail first not sure

What I am actually looking for is a plugin that I can interact in real-time and see visually
how when I Adjust a parameter
I can see visually the result of turning that parameter and hear what I did
And can go into the display of the wave form etc… and control the way it reacts

Is their any that just this free or commercial please

First impressions of the trial:

  • The idea of generating wavetables using the two “analog” oscillators is cool, but feels a bit like something I’d do as a fun hack to try out the idea - not a proper solution for serious sound design. IMHO, there should have been dedicated oscillators/settings or something for that, so you can rebuild the wavetable without messing up the main patch you’re working on, and vice versa.
  • The UI seems to suffer from a bit of oversimplification syndrome, or rather… I’m not sure it’s actually simpler than Serum, VPS Avenger or anything like that; just smaller, more limited and (for me, coming from those synths) a bit confusing. It’s basically just doing the usual stuff (though not very much of it), but hiding it without visualization or explanation.
  • There are some nice and useful factory presets in there, but I’m not exactly blown away.
  • Oscillators sound alright overall, but there is a bit of aliasing distortion in the higher octaves, so not suitable for clean, high pitched sounds.
  • Filters get the job done, but sound rather clinical and uninteresting. Only 12, 24, 36, and 48 dB/oct LP and HP with resonance - no non-linear virtual analog phattness here.
  • Chorus, distortion, phaser etc are basic, but sound alright.
  • Reverb is reasonably dense, but a bit metallic at some frequencies.
  • EQ UI is a bit awkward; no visualization, and you edit one band at a time, using knobs.
  • The modulation envelope is retriggered on all voices by any new note. Kind of a feature in some cases, but if you happen to play a kick legato, you’ll be rewarded with a really loud and harsh sustained attack noise, which I’m quite sure is not intentional. I can’t seem to find any settings for legato/retrig behavior on anything, so I’m suspecting it’s hardwired.
  • Unison oscillators are extremely CPU intensive.
  • Preset loading seems to stall the audio thread, causing the host to glitch.

For the current intro price, it might be worth it, especially if you don’t have any proper wavetable synths yet. However - and maybe I’m missing something - but in its current state, I really can’t see how the stated full price could be motivated, considering the competition in that price range.

Thank You David,
That was great help much appreciated :sunglasses:
would I be right to say it’s a one trick pony type of plugin?

Do You know of a synth plugin or where I can interact in real-time and see visually and hear when I Adjust a parameter I get instant feed back I am more of a visual and auditory learner?

Well, it does know most of the basic tricks you’d expect from a wavetable synth, with emphasis on basic. But indeed; the only “new” thing it does, AFAICT, is just a shortcut for the most simple case of the ancient “sample your synths” approach to sound design. Any wavetable that lets you import custom wavetables can do this, though you may need to use more steps or external tools.

Most synths these days have decent visualization and will respond all or mostly in realtime to parameter edits. You can even smoothly automate literally any parameter from the host in some cases, without going via macro controls or similar.

Here are a few that will respond in realtime, have control and filter curve visualizations, and that will visualize waveforms on some level:

  • Carbon Electra (output oscilloscope)
  • Waves CODEX (3D wavetable visualization)
  • Europa by Reason (oscillator waveform visualization)
  • Waves Flow Motion (osc waveform “icons” + output oscilloscope)
  • Helm (osc waveforms + output oscilloscope)
  • kHs Phase Plant (oscillator waveforms, including sync, unison etc)
  • Serum (3D wavetable visualization )
  • VPS Avenger (osc waveforms)
  • 2nd Sense Audio Wiggle (spline waveform editors)

I’d say Helm might be among the better for figuring out the basic waveforms, and also FM/PM, but it doesn’t seem to support custom waveforms.

Serum has a proper wavetable editor where you can also analyze and edit in the frequency domain.

VPS Avenger visualizes the effects of bandpass filtering, formant filtering, bitcrushing, and various other effects/transforms, and has a nice wave/sample browser with preview.


David You mention Helm
Is this the right software or plugin ?

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Yes, that’s the one. It’s available as plugins in various formats, stand-alone, and also for the Unity game engine/toolchain.

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And this one
They say it has a built in recorder ?
Does this mean I can record my voice into it or tapping on my desk etc…?
can I bring in other audio samples

Pros and Cons ?

Haven’t tried that feature myself, but as far as I can tell, it’s for recording the synth’s internal sound, and allows you to drag’n’drop that to the host, or wherever you want it. (Might be quicker than bouncing via the host in some cases; depends on the host.)

For a plugin to record external audio in an orderly fashion, it would need to have audio inputs on the plugin API level (like an effect - many synths come with alternate plugins like that), and you’d have to set up the routing on the host side. Doable, but it’s usually not the smoothest way. The “standard” solution is to just use the host’s audio recording features, or an external recording tool, and then drag/load the audio files into audio tracks, samplers, or wherever you want to use them.

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It’s pretty good, bought it on sale on plugin but I mostly use presets, I like the ones that are included in Union. Good leads.

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Mozex That cool :sunglasses:
for me I decided not due to an older i mac I do not need plugins that are CPU
But I glad You like it and if others can use Awesome :+1:

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