Tv Gala Opening - Action / Comedy / Orchestral

Hey everyone,
I rarely post my music online, but I wanted to share one of the latest productions I’ve worked on: the opening number of a TV comedy gala we have here in Montreal, Canada.

The video is in French, therefore, I manually translated everything if you enable the captions on YouTube and will be able to change the translation :slight_smile:

Challenges: A lot of pressure for a couple of reasons:

  • Everything was scored to picture in 48 hours
  • Different styles of music (Fanfare, Bossa Nova and Action)
  • It’s airing live on national TV and is one of the most watched galas of the year (no pressure…!)
  • It’s my first time working with the director


  • Strings: Afflatus Strings (Strezov) + LASS (AudioBro)
  • Brass: CineBrass (CineSamples) + Caspian (Performance Samples)
  • Percussion: CinePercs (CineSamples) + Strikeforce (Laboratory Audio) + Metropolis Ark 1
  • Sweeteners: Symphobia 1 (Project SAM)
  • Keyboard: Keyscape (Spectrasonics)
  • Choir: Oceania (Performance Samples)



48 hours? You did an amazing job! While watching I thought that some parts were quite simple but functional. Now I understand! It was not easy to work in such a short time! Complimenti e auguri! :slight_smile:

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Hello Medhat. Awesome that you made this within 48 hours. I like the different styles of music in this video and it fits everywhere. Very functional. Since this is your first collaboration with this director, I hope he will approach you more often in the future!

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