Tutorial: Earning MONEY on YouTube! How many VIEWS are needed?

Hey all!

I hope you all are doing great! :slight_smile:

As many of you, and all other creators talked so much about earning money on YouTube the last couple of weeks, I decided to make a tutorial about how I see this!

I share my thoughts, my personal calculation, and tell you MY 3 GOLDEN RULES FOR SUCCESS!

What I tell you is how “I” see this. What I find REALISTIC for ME! It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will see it the same way. As I always say: “Your path will always be a different one!” :slight_smile:


Take care and be amazing!

To your success,
Alexey :slight_smile:


I try experiment and I try to watch Your
Welcome To My Channel about 5 times but the views did not go up at all
at the moment it say still says 154 views
I thought after watching more times it would go up

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Nice video!
I found a calculator
Need quite a lot of views/month to make any money but I guess you have a lot of views/month when you reach the threshold.
It’s an interesting subject.
To monetize or not


What niche you are in, and what country, also makes a huge difference. I have been pushing my YouTube channel for almost 10 years with tutorials that have been greatly appreciated. But I still don’t even make 1/10th of a monthly income from it. Unless you are an “entertainer”, it seems extremely hard to make any substantial income from YouTube. However, I still think YouTube is amazing as a marketing tool for your personal brand. In fact, that goes for all social media too, it’s mainly about building your brand. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Brian! @bcraig

Well, it takes times and a little bit of luck too, so people get into it and start pushing a channel without asking them ALL THE TIME to do it for me. I take it as it is. I don’t want to sound “pushy” or annoying by telling every 5 seconds, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE…blah blah…I don’t need that. I don’t want that. Here and there it’s okay to give a small reminder, but there are many people who overdo it, IMO.

Thank you Stephan @StephanLindsjo! Yeah, sure, you need A LOT OF VIEWS to generate an income that will surpass your “usual” day job. I didn’t want to cover that, as I can’t give you “real” numbers, I didn’t “make” it on YouTube, so it’s off-topic for me. I’ll check your link, thank you again! :slight_smile:

Mikael! @Mikael
Oh, yeah! You are absolutely right! My video was just a “small” part of what is actually behind the “real” YouTube success! I haven’t told the whole story, and I don’t have to. I just made it for me and for the people in my circle to see and understand possible and achievable numbers. I never said that I want to earn money with YouTube, nor should somebody else. It was just a little answer for the people who really want to make it on YouTube and besides consistency, commitment and presence, there is MUCH MORE BEHIND the REAL YouTube success!

But as you said, self-branding is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT! There is never a guarantee for anything out there, and there are hundreds, even thousands of people investing thousands of dollars into YouTube and trying to MAKE IT! But only a few of them really do! That’s the truth. People forget that.

Maybe I will do another video about that topic, self-branding. YouTube is for sure the best way for a creator to start showing the world what YOU CAN DO! And for FREE!

And again, if MONEY would be the ONLY goal, people will see and feel it. Money always follows when you do FIRST the thing you really LOVE, BREATH and just show that you have fun doing it :slight_smile:

Take care and thank you watching again! :+1:
Alexey :slight_smile:


I agree, and video is way better for building your brand compared to blogging or instagram images :stuck_out_tongue:

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I also use my YT Channel for marketing/promotion. Trying to drive traffic to Pond5 :slight_smile:
A question for you Mikael. Have you monatized your channel?
I’ve watched some videos on your channel but there where no ads?
Does YT choose what videos they put ads on and leave some videos without ads?

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Hello Stephan, yes I have monetized, but YouTube decides when ads will go. Btw, did you try Audiojungle too? It seems Pond5 is in a fast decline from what I hear from many composers. Right now, unless you get signed to a “real publisher (music library)” it seems Audiojungle is the only one that works. Unless you are actually doing well on Pond5, in which case I would congratulate you! :slight_smile:

Thank you Mikael!
AJ doesn’t work for me and that’s also a reason I’m trying to find other ways in the industry. Monetizing could maybe have been one way but I don’t know if it’s worth the time and effort it seems to take, for me.
Pond5 went down when they changed the agreement, but now I guess I’m getting closer to the amount of sales I had before, but less money of course.
YT is interesting and maybe I’ll try Patreon instead of monetizing for a new project I’m working on.
A wild guess is that I’m probably 2-5 years from being able to monetize and that’s a long time. :slight_smile:

I would imagine a lot of the people that make money are influrencers that are backed by major brands ans corporations

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Hi @vgmrmojo,

yeah, you are right. The first move usually is making tens of thousands of subs, and at that point, you will most likely get some messages from smaller & bigger companies to make product placement. If you have good and solid traffic numbers, your revenue can go up to 5 or even $10k per placement.

But as Mikael has said, these people are usually: filmmakers aka. already awesome looking videos; influencers who talk about topics that a lot of people are “just” interested and challenge guys, who swim in cold water for 15 Minutes trying not to die. Or as I mentioned, people jumping out of the window :smiley:

I think it’s possible to make one million views with one tutorial, there are some videos out there that reach that numbers, but you can count them with your fingers…I think the most important THING for me personally is to do “just” what I do, have fun, enjoy the process, and build my own brand, where people know that if they need this or that, my name will be among the Top 20 or so.

As I have said, people see other people earning like $20k a month on Youtube and say: what “he” can do, I can do too! And when they start to invest in YouTube, buying all that gear, trying to get into the process, they understand that all of that is almost irrelevant, as the YouTube “Stars” just work 16 hours per day, for the first 2-3 years straight. And that’s what makes them stand out: They just work hard for their success and have find something “special” for themselves. 98% of all others fail. Why? No consistency, no commitment, no perseverance…no results…and actually most likely: nothing to tell really.


First rule of success on YouTube, in my humble opinion. Be in a BIG niche! :stuck_out_tongue:

For example, Vloggers and entertainers have way more potential audience than any technical niche with tutorials like we do. Channels focusing on reviews, tips, or tutorials on videography and photography is WAAAAY bigger than music, this I’ve seen by data myself.

And let’s say you focus on music. Well within music there are sub niches, and the best by far are “learn instruments” (guitar or piano channels) and “music theory” (Rick Beato, Adam Neely). In actual music composition channels, there is no single channel above 1 millions subscribers. Not even 500 thousand for the biggest one. The biggest ones are Alex Moukala, Thinkspace, Spitfire etc. and those are below 100k subscribers. Tiny compared to the top channels in other niches like Video, Photo, Tech, Vloggers etc.

But in the end, it’s the most important thing that you yourself enjoy your niche and your content that you make videos on! :slight_smile:


My question is how do You drive people traffic too find Your YouTube channel in the first place?

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Well, one way is to post my videos on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Another way is to email your email-list, which for some reason doesn’t work for me at all at the moment. 3% of opened emails click the link. But still an option. And if you do more and more content, YouTube will do the traffic for you, as the more likes I get, the better the chances are that the video will be ranked higher, and will be shown in the recommendation side-bar.

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I think, one of the most important things is a channel where you explain, HOW something is done.
People need advices to solve their problems. No one likes to watch a video where you explain what you have done, maybe in a track. They wanna see “how” it is done and why.
You can compare it to a book store or kiosk. If the headline catches the topic you are looking for, you will buy the magazine and on youtube you receive klicks. Sounds quite easy.
Im pretty sure if you make a tutorial on how to sound like tsfh you will surely grow fast.
Also some review videos of librarys can be useful. Or composing livestreams, as Daniel James does.


I’m no expert but I guess it starts with the content.
Good descriptive title, same goes for description and keywords.
You can also use LSI - keywords, that’s the suggestions showing up on youtube and google when you search for something.

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Hi Stephan I hope all well ?
Lsi and Seo
I been trying to understand and how to best use them so I can maybe start a blog
I do-not know if this any good but from what I see it looks free

Thank you, seems good.
I use youtube and google but will try this too. :slight_smile:
Nice to see so many results and options in the generator.

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I found this extension for chrome https://vidiq.com/extension/
Seems useful in the free version too, which I’ve started to use.


Yeah, it’s okay. I use it too, but besides the potential tags and how many hours your channel was watched the free version ends there. The pro is much more in depth and if someone runs a more or less serious business it’s a must have tool in my opinion.

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