TURBOMECA 5 by JAM (Synth)

Documentary music for the fiftieth anniversary of TURBOMECA, a company that manufactures helicopter turbines.
Music composed in 1989.
All the music is punctuated by the heartbeat of a runner.
In the extract N ° 5, the percussions are samples of machine sounds recorded in the TURBOMECA factory
Musique composée avec Atari 1040 ST, et cubase.
Instruments utilisés: Yamaha TX 802, Juno 2 et sampleur Roland S50.
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Thank you in advance.
Tempo 120.
harmonic progression:
G/C/G/C/Ab/C/G7/C/Bb/C/Ab/C/Gm7/ C/Ab/Eb/G7/C/Ab/Eb/G7C//
Gm/C/Gm/C/Ab/C/Gm7/C/Bb/C/Ab/C/Gm7/ C/Ab/Eb/G7/C/Ab/Eb/G7C//


Hello Jean-Michel,

  • Great track, I would love if you could please add some more insights into your music composition: For example: tempo, key, chord progressions, special techniques etc. :slight_smile:


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Wow, I did not except to get the complete chord progression, thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

yeah sound very 80’s
i like the oldschool synth and sampler in your composition
the FM sound of your TX and the juno that’s great

although this music is a few years old, I see from the comments received that it still pleases.
Thank you for your comment.

Quite cool what you can do with technology back in the day ! I was born the year before this track haha

Really fun track though, reminds a bit like Tron, or stranger things. Really enjoyed the chord progressions.