"Traveller's Rest" - a journey home - hybrid orchestral

Genre/Style: Epic, hybrid orchestral

Creative Vision for the Track: As a gameplayer, I am often inspired by certain aspects of games, which, in turn, inspire me, both visually and sonically. I sometimes replay certain events in my head and imagine some acoompanying music (I have a tendency to turn in-game music right down, a sin, I know!). This track came about after an evening of riding back to my ‘home town’ of Bree, in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). It was something of an adventure, with perils along the way, and darkness falling, giving a heightened sense of peril. This piece represents those dangers while on my horse ride home, and the eventually relief at getting home.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): The time signature is 4/4, with reoccurring triplets in both tuned and untuned instruments (drums). Tempo is 120bpm with a slight quickening for the ‘home’ section, to 128bpm. The key is C minor to start with, the root being fixed in the bass lines for quite a while, moving through Eb minor (with chords Eb minor Gb major, B and Db major, looped) and then to F minor (chords F minor, C minor, Db major and Eb major) for the final reprise.

Main Instruments used: I used around 50 separate track parts, comprising mostly orchestral instruments, strings, brass, flute/piccolos, piano, etc., with some distorted bass/guitar for a more driving bass line in certain sections. The home theme uses uilleann pipes and a medieval stringed instrument whose name eludes me (!)

Hopefully there is some feeling of movement and progression through the piece that you can sense; a feeling of danger, and of reaching safety.

Libraries used: Native Instruments Kontakt library, BBC free Orchestra, Synphobia free orchestral VST, 8Dio’s Adagio strings libraries, Century brass library, Lacrimose choir, and Ethera Gold/EVI libraries, plus other assorted instruments, using Studio One v3.5.


Great track Adrian! Not much to critique here, everything was done superbly! I wish I could get my percussion and bass to sit in the mix that well, but they’re always muddy no matter how I EQ them.

Great job!

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Many thanks, Matt! I appreciate your comment very much. I wish I could tell you how to get bass and drums to sit in the mix well, because, to be honest, I suffer from a muddy bottom end more often than not too! I think that using Ozone 9 has helped a bit. I use ‘exciter’ too, which just gives a little bit more separation and drive to the low end, and ‘imager’ which gives a little more stereo spread to the instruments and their frequecies. My old ears are pretty shot too, so I never feel confident that what I am listening to will sound the same for other people.

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I use Ozone 9 as well, but seems I’m not getting the best out of it. Need to find the right combo of libraries.

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