To the Moon and Back - Instrumental pop with an 80s vibe

To the Moon and Back
My first track posted to this community!
This is an instrumental pop track with a 1980’s vibe, not overly typical of my general style, but showing my influences from the synths of the 80s and 90s and that gated snare drum which was typical of that time. JFK’s famous words are used to help provide a setting for the music (from NASA’s free audio download page). The main theme is sung by Clara Sorace from the ETHERA EVI 2.0 library and is used in a call/answer format. During the first half, the call is answered by other instruments and in the reprise she answers her own call. It’s supposed to echo the “to the moon and back” title.
The tempo is 90BPM and uses two main chords Em & Am. I originally tried to add different chords to inject some more interesting dynamic, but actually settled on just those two chords in the end, as I felt they also echoed the call and answer format.
I utilised libraries from Beatskillz (Synthwave Drums), Ethera EVI 2.0, Performance Samples (Solo Violin), various sounds from the Native Instruments Komplete10 bundle and Palette Primary Colours (String section). I used Valhalla Room and Vintage reverbs and used Ozone 9 Standard on the master control.
My most difficult part of any music creation is the mixing/mastering part, partly because my ears have dulled over time (I’m in my 50s). One of the reasons for joining this community is to learn from other creators about techniques used to getting a track to an acceptable level for posting on YouTube/Soundcloud, so I am looking for useful pointers from any listeners to my tracks that I post in future.I consider my mixing and mastering level to be bad, so hoping to improve over time.

Regards, Adrian.


I really love the 80s. Its a very good and exciting track. I love the breaks and of course the synth :slight_smile:
Well done!

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That distorted snares a beast. Really enjoying this piece!

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Thanks very much! I appreciate you having a listen.

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