To See You Again - Jazz Fusion piece

Genre/Style:Jazz/Rock Fusion

Creative Vision for the Track:To feel great, interesting ‘slinky’ harmony, good execution

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 120 BPM. It’s in my favourite time signature, which has always been 6/4 - just always loved the laid back swing you get with this. The form is ABCABCAAA, and the sections toggle between F# Maj & D Maj, although in truth the harmony is more modal than that suggests.

Main Instruments used:Rhodes, bass, bass, electric guitars, synth pads, horn section, piano.

I wrote the core of this about 20 years ago, and probably wouldn’t write this now, and yet I’ve really enjoyed bringing it to life here. Wonder what you all make of it. Thank you/

Love the groove; definitely a laid back swing- you nailed it!
Cool chord progression. And I love the unison line starting at 1:35. Hip!


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Thank you so much! Really appreciate the feedback.

And very happy you liked it :wink: