To Know You're Alive - Requlous (Funky Trance)

Genre/Style: Trance (Funky Trance)

Creative Vision for the Track: The drum keeps a heart beat rhythm as the funky bass tests to see if you’re alive by whether you bob your head to it or not. It doesn’t show in audio form but the section with the really fast trills that comes up in piano or screamland synth at sections looks a lot like an EKG in a sound program which I thought was a cool touch.

The synth was originally Saxophone - which is/was nice in it’s own way in the slower parts but I ran into 2 issues. 1) The Saxophone conflicted with the baseline either drowning it out or being too quiet to carry its weight over the baseline. 2) Saxophone also cannot perform the EKG sections - it takes too long to make a noise at 4.5 notes per beat and kind made this sad, sickly dying rodent noise of puffs with the occasionally muted “squeak toot” instead and I don’t think the world is ready for dying rodent saxophone trance… I sure know I’m not… ^_^.

I’m going to work on a “unplugged” ish version with the EKG’s restricted to piano and the sax put back in with an acoustic baseline.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): D Sharp Major - 4/4 - 120 Tempo
First time playing with the EQ in Garageband as well to affect the sound of instruments and used the wheels on my KORG to adjust certain parts mid playing.

Main Instruments used:

3 Scremoland Synth
90’s Synth backing up the baseline
Liverpool Base
2 Grand Pianos
and 2 Rock Drum kits

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don’t really know about this genre so I can’t really criticize it but it does sound good. Nice job!

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Thank you for listening and for the props.

It’s not a genre always for everyone, but the only thing to really “know” about Trance is that it’s more melodic Techno with a clear persisting melody or chorus running throughout instead of just pulsing base & electronica.

It’s a fun genre to play with for because as long as it has an electronic/synth base, (base not bass lol,) it can absorb almost any other genre into itself without becoming a hybrid or a sub-genre. :smiley: I like getting real instruments in it with a semi-classical flair in, which is why the piano is always doing something in the background when not in the foreground.

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