To Journey's End, And Farewell For Now

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this piece or not, but I guess any feedback for any composition is only a good thing.

I wrote this piece as a tribute to my Dad who recently passed away. It was played at his memorial service, but I was afraid to have it played because the mixing and mastering quality is not there, despite having gotten much better at that recently. The problem seems to happen every time I use Cinematic Studios libraries. These are of course very high quality libraries, but while everyone else who uses these libraries makes them sound amazing, they always sound very dark and muddy and there’s always this digital hiss on the low end whenever I use them and no amount of mixing seems to ever make them better. Can’t figure it out.

The piece is in the key of G major and modulates between G and G minor throughout. Tempo is steady at 73bpm with a short rallentando at the end and in 4/4 time. Stylistically, my Dad loved the late Classical, early Romantic ear of music and so I tried to write something that seemed more mid-19th century, symphonic poem. Lots of con sordino strings with solo piano and some woodwinds and mellow horn to add some texture and color. All Cinematic Studios and Audio Imperia’s Areia as a string layer.

I don’t have any feedback to give, other than to say it’s a lovely, heartfelt piece, and to my ears, very well mixed. Thank you for sharing.


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Thanks for taking a listen Steven. Seems like the rest of the orchestra sounds OK but the piano, even thought it’s Cinematic Studios, same as everything else, sounds too muddy and dark and doesn’t integrate with the rest of the instruments. Like it was a completely different library. I guess it’s just me?

Maybe someday I’ll be able to hire some real musicians to play and record this.