Tips on Spotify Pitching and Playlists?

Hey composers,
I’m thinking about pitching songs to Spotify but I don’t know what approach to take. I’ve pitched one for the moment for a test. Also, are there other known ways to get onto Spotify playlists (apart from creating one yourself)? Do you have any tips and tricks?

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If you refer to the Spotify Editorial Playlists, it will be rather them than you who will get you a possible placement. I Myself have never managed to get into one, but I do have several colleages that have. There are though many things to consider about the Spotify Editorial Playlists. For one they are managed by persons and they are known. You can find several of them through the Indy Bible, although they will never reply, due to the enormous amount of pitches they get in their mailbox.

It is also important to analyse their Playlists and how they are building it in the detail, for example I have checked several of their Editorial Playlists in the Ambient genre and seen that they have blended the different songs even trying to match keys and closest modulations, in this case the Playlister has a very defined way to work. They also tend to work a lot with their own network of people which usually comprises the larger labels and significant music bloggers. So the personal approach will work best if you manage to get some attention from music bloggers.

They also rely heavily on the the different Algorithms that scourge their music library. How they use them is still a mystery. I have left a link of one of the Algorithms used. This algorithm tries to find new music styles and their popularity. This same algorithm creates Playlists and can even showcase the different styles it finds. My two latest songs where picked up by algorithms and they have helped to boost my “Discover Weekly” Playlist that is also created by Spotify algorithms. So I would say that a good first step to end up in an editorial playlists is to get picked up by their algorithms.

At the end what I’m saying is that the algorithm picking up music styles works together with the algorithm working out each persons “Discover weekly”. In order to keep the Playlist interesting it tries to find new music that might be a match for the specific listener. In a sense it tries to help the listener to follow the evolution of the genres he is listening to. A good exercise to understand how it works is to follow your own “Discover weekly” by working on which songs you like and see how it reacts.

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Thanks a lot for the insightful reply, I’ll see what I can do from now.

Sure, I can give you some tips on pitching to Spotify playlists. It’s important to research the right curators, create a standout bio and press kit, and build your social media presence. Additionally, using data analytics and engaging with your audience can increase your chances of success. And however, If you’re looking for a simple and efficient way to transfer your music playlists from Spotify to other streaming services, then I highly recommend trying MusConv. I’ve been using it for the last 3 months.

Oh thanks for the reply (a bit late :slight_smile: and welcome to the community ! I’ll think about the idea of engaging with my (small) audience !

Networking is key. Try to connect with Spotify’s editorial team through industry events or even social media. Building relationships can sometimes open doors. Also, engage with your fans. Encourage them to save, follow, and share your music on Spotify. The more they engage, the better your chances with the algorithm. Besides, if you ever want to give your music a boost, you can check out SongLifty. They offer a way to increase your Spotify plays and potentially get more listeners. Here’s the link: