Those That Are Left behind (Classical/Ambient/Soundtrack)

Made in Ableton Live 10 with Roland Cloud Instruments.

This song tells the story of all that will be left behind when Jesus comes to save those that believe in Him. It gives a bit of a feeling, to me at last, of despair and hope that is lost. But I would not know to be honest.

Link is back up, I am sorry but it seems I have to edit all my posts to be able to show the link. It is weird because the tracks are just replaced so the link is the same…
But it seems that editing the post (removing the link and save edit and then edit it again and putting the link back in, makes my topics go back to the top. I am sorry for that, that was the reason why I did not want to reply to my songs but just edit the topic itself so it would not bump up. So I am sorry for that if that also happens with this song. I found out how to “master” them with Ozone 9 elements so I did that. I also put a bit of eq on the songs.

Hi Jimmy,

your composition seem to be well thought through. Musically there could be some more variation in the piano. There is a lack of dynamics in the overall arrangement, which makes no part of the piece really stand out more than another one. It somehow kills the impact of the beginning of the brass for example. The instruments have not enough release, when they stop they cut off too abruptly, in my opinion. If the goal was to create realism in the instruments, you still have to work on that: Focus on dynamics( loudness, velocity, volume automation, etc.) and don’t quantize too much. Watch out for notes that overlap with the piano in order to make the piano shine more through (considering the frequencies). In my opinion, it loses a lot of presence when the brass enters.
Overall still a lot to work on, if I was in you’re shoes. But I like the idea of the composition a lot, and this is definitely the most important part. Good job on that one!

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Yeah I am just a noob when it comes to this. I am not a real good piano player either. I am a bit of an amateur to be honest.
Most of those things you mention are the reason why I left dance tracks, I hated the mastering part of it all and it got in the way of me being creative.
I just do not know how to do those things right… people tried to help me but it did not end well, I asked to much of their time they said and I just stopped asking questions (not on this forum but I aint gonna do it anymore) which was funny because at the start they hated on me for not asking questions.
So this is the best it will get I am afraid… I am happy you liked the idea of it, thats something that means a lot to me already because I aint that good of a piano player. So I am glad you liked this simple creation of mine. Thank you for the listen and the feedback, it is appreciated a lot.

Will try to look at the release suggestion you made, I use zenology plugin from Roland Cloud on the moment but I made these tracks with SRX plugins, in zenology I know there is a release knob which you can alter, will use that from now on and will try to go back to previous songs to see if I am able to give them more release.
The dynamics part I sadly do not understand a lot of so I will not be able yet to fix that I think. The problem also is that I need to draw the notes in the DAW, when I play them on my midi keyboard some notes come out harder then others, which is normal I hear you say, its the dynamics part, yes and no. WHen you press harder the notes should be louder. Yes. When you press the same amount the notes should be louder. No. Since it is the second part that seems to happen with my midi keyboard, I have no better option then to manually delete my notes I played and then redraw them in the DAW… so yeah, thats a lot of work and yes it makes the dynamics go away completely because everything sounds a bit the same. I do adjust volume levels but that clearly does not seem to help.

Frequencies is another thing, I do not know a thing about that. I do not even have the tools to check the frequencies I think, or are they included in the Ableton Live 10 standard edition? Which audio effect is it then? I could then adjust it with an EQ I think, but I am not completely sure about that either… but will check it all out. At least the things I think I can improve.

Tomorrow I will hopefully get a new SSD, I am not sure yet if I will get the money for it (I am in a budget thingy which handles my finances, they give me a small amount each week from my unemployment income and the rest gets saved and used for bills) I asked for money for this SSD but we shall see what they decide. I then will be able to use composercloud from East West, which have some nice sounding instruments. I now have to install the plugins on a HDD and it does not work that great. Maybe I can make better sounds with those plugins, I would not know.

Sorry for my lengthy (very lengthy that is) reply but I wanted to address as much as was possible.

I am busy now on my very first track I made to add release and work a bit with the EQ I have in Ableton 10. It shows the frequencies, but I do not understand a lot of that, but I try to EQ each instrument a bit now. Hope it helps.
Since that track has been made with zenology, finding the release effect was easy, I do not know where to look for them in SRX plugins but will try to find it. I also do not know how much I need to add (release) so I hope it sounds better and not worse. I will reply on the topic of the first song when the “improved” version is uploaded on Soundcloud, I can easily replace files so I do not need to upload it again. But I do not understand a lot about the EQ-ing so yeah. I am not aiming at making the sounds sound as realistic as possible, I am already happy if it does not sound completely bad…

Wel I tried to do the things you suggested but it did not work as I wanted. Things start to sound weird and the EQ-ing is not for me either… I guess this will be the best it can get it. I am sorry but I really tried for many hours but I just can not seem to figure it out… It seems to me that EQ-ing just makes some parts louder but I can do that in the mixing proces too, so I do not really understand. I do not understand the frequencies either… I tried but I think it will have to do as it is…