'The Remnants' [Relaxing Music] by Joel Frias

‘The Remnants’ [Relaxing Music] by Joel Frias

I composed this piece specially for the contest. Before this major and unfortunate event happening around the world I used to do a lot of field recording which is something I really miss. So one of my latest field recordings are included in this piece.

*plural noun: *remnants

a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed.

Hope you keeping safe, embrace and relax!


You made it in time Joel! :wink:
Wow, beautiful and atmospheric beginning. Isn’t it wonderful how much adding audio recordings and textures can do? :slight_smile:

I think you made the right choice of having very short/snappy percussion sounds for the beats, as they create a more minimal feel that opens up the soundscape to more depth/ambience. Nice warm bass line that compliments the groove as well.

The backing piano together with the big reverb pads really sets the mood. But my favorite part is that wind instrument lead that comes in after 2 minutes, what is that? Beautifully played as well, so smooth and expressive! :smiley:

Hi Mikael, yes just made it on time!
Thank you first of all for the kind comments and feedback.
Yes, a lot of music includes some sort of organic textures which are usually recorded outdoors. I am a fan of capturing these sounds which, like you well said, create a bigger depth and opens up space when adding melodies to them. In fact, some of the percussion elements are also recordings that were later sampled and played thru my drum machine.
The wind instrument you referring to is a Qu Di (bamboo flute) which unfortunately is not played by me but available thru Kontakt. I pinched some the lyrical phrases to add a more relaxed feel. However, these had to be adjusted (cuts and added effects) to fit in well with my composition.

Thanks for listening!

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Bamboo flute, I would never have been able to guess, sounds beautiful with a perfect mellow tone to suite the relaxing theme. :slight_smile:

Oh hey, let’s start a thread on recording sounds/ambiences outside, shall we? :smiley:
I have done recordings inside, but I would love to venture into more field recordings. I’ll post a new topic so we can dive deeper into this very interesting field!

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Sounds like a great idea. I’m up for it! I would recommend watching videos from Robert Dudzic on Youtube which instantly will inspire you to record your own sounds (both indoors and outdoors).

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Done. Tagged you in the new thread, would love to get some insights from your experience! :smiley:

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Thank you! I will post on the topic but gonna look at some articles and other material first, that was relevant to me back then and will organise a few things to share with everyone.

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LOVE this. I actually feel relaxed after listening to it. What did you use for the white noise? Can you make a 10 hour long video for YouTube of just the white noise? It’s perfect for my tinnitus, best one I’ve heard.


The perfect relaxing music
I love the flute and how the melody is contained to keep the relax.

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I like this, very surreal. Nice beat, I really like the added flute/wind instrument. At times the bass seemed a bit heavy in the beginning but that could just be my headphones.


Haha I called this type of music medicine, so glad it help in a way. I think part of the white noise is down to field recording (natural ambience) which once the highs were lifted during mastering it is more noticeable. But the video on white noise sounds like a good challenge! Thanks for listening and your kind words :pray:t3::heart:

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Thank you for listening and the kind comments! Glad you enjoy it :pray:t3::heart:

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Thank you for listening and your kind comments. Glad it evoked a calm and relax experience for you :pray:t3::heart:


What kind of bird is that? :grin: Congratulations you wrote a great relaxing piece, sounds like we’re in another planet, not planet Earth. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good track, where are your synth sounds from if you could share? It’s nice how you introducer different instruments and sounds at different times, not all at once and keep re-introducing new sections, hard to do in this genre.

Thanks for listening and for your kind feedback. Well let’s put this way, doesn’t feel like we are living on planet Earth right now either so music kind of reflects that :wink:
I used soft synths from Arturia and Rob Papen. Also one from Air tech which is one of my to go to, creating the weird owling sounds. Drums are recorded sounds, sampled and played thru my drum machine.
Yes a lot of music in this genre is a subtle change/intro to new textures, creating that sense of going on a journey. Breathing spaces are very important too but in this case I kept the track on the short side :wink:

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