The Orchestra Complete 2 (First Look)

The Orchestra Complete 2 is a unique bundle and engine to drive mockups, sketches, and increase your workflow with the built in drag and drop feature etc.


Thanks for this review Mikael. I own the original The Orchestra, but I only ever used it for one project and haven’t used it since. It was good to help get the creative juices going though–one listen to one of the animated loops and I instantly got a visual theme that I wrote over. My only con was the samples sounded a bit flat and muddy. This newer version seems to sound better and has more options. I may need to check it out.

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The individual instruments might not have the prestige quality of Cinematic Strings, Berlin Brass and such…but using layering for beefing up parts, adding accents, underlying rhythms…those kinds of things it is amazing for! :slight_smile:

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