The Galaxies: In Celebration of the new James Webb Space Telescope:

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Genre/Style: Not sure!

Creative Vision for the Track:
To give expression to the beauty, awe, and mystery of the universe.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
“The Galaxies” is a track on my album Number Eleven: The Path

Main Instruments used:
Scored for virtual instruments (orchestral) and sampled voices



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Great track Jerry! I can totally imagine the new space telescope or maybe the old Voyager probes cruising along through space near some nebulae or exoplanets. Very mysterious sounding. Which sample libraries did you use for the orchestral parts? Kind of sounded a bit like Cinematic Studios to me, but I liked the darker, classic film score sound.


Dear Matt,

Thank you for commenting and listening! I used the VSL strings for that piece, not sure if I used chamber, orchestral or appassionata strings as I am not in the studio, probably orchestral. The choir is from Requiem Pro, I think. It was produced in 2011 so it’s been a while. You know how fast the technology is changing…

I’ve been listening to your music too on Soundcloud. You’ve got a very full and rich sound, very well produced. I assume you’re concentrating on writing for visual media. I wrote for games, animation and many other projects but decided about 25 year ago to focus on my own music and CDs. I’m glad you reached out. I thought we have something in common when I went to your Soundcloud page. Do you have a website?


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Thanks for checking out my stuff Jerry, much appreciated. I still consider myself an amateur; I’ve never had my music used for any commercial projects or anything, but that is the goal. I’d like to have my music used for video games or TV/Film, and write a few pieces of traditional concert music, but right now I just write whatever randomly comes to mind and I do still work a day job and don’t have much time to compose.

My goal for 2022 is to put together an album of cinematic/hybrid orchestral tracks and also compose one big fantasy adventure/JRPG piece, which is one of my favorite styles, but I’m not good at orchestrating those as yet.

I’ll be checking out more of your webpage, as I see you’ve written some symphonies and I’m curious to listen–I’m a big fan of traditional concert music and go to my hometown orchestra’s performances quite often.


Yes, I have written to date 11 symphonies. I am considering starting a 12th at some point, but for now I am in the PR and marketing stage as I am about to release my 16th album.

Thanks again for listening!