The Embertone Classics Sale - 12 hours to go!

Hey all,

We’re new here… Hi!

Though we’re just getting set up and organized here on, we wanted to let everyone here know that we have a sale on a special Embertone bundle… this is a good time to get some fresh inspiration!

We’ll keep an eye here in case there are questions about this, and have a great day all!


Alex and Jonathan


Ah you are most welcome in this amazing community for composers I often call “The Fellowship of Composers” :wink:

Great sale too, I wish you the best.


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@Embertone So glad to see you guys here! I was one of the first customers when u guys started, your products are always top notch, looking forward for your next releases! =)


I love the work you’re all doing at Embertone - welcome to this great community!

I actually featured some of your free libraries in my “Best Free Instruments for Film Scoring” article :slight_smile:

So yeah, please keep up the great work, and I look forward to your contributions here!

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I love Embertone! I’ve been using your products for years now! You guys rock!