THE DECIDERS — A brooding piece set to modern dance

A full orchestral work with swirling rhythms, strong theme and a slow inexorable drive that takes us to its finale destination.

Creative Vision for the Track:
I was thinking politics when I wrote this. The way “Deciders” make decisions that can change our lives and the world we live in. We are often engulfed by the powerful currents that do what they will with us until they are finished.

Composition Details:
Time Sig: 4/4
Key: B Major
Tempo: 106 bpm

Main Instruments used:
• EastWest Platinum Symphonic Orchestra,
• Timpani.
• Picalos, Flutes, Horns

Some years ago I composed an original work called THE DECIDERS and as I’ve done with some of my music, I wanted to make a film featuring this piece. But though I tried, I could never find anything that would work - until I came across a wonderful short film - PAINTED - created by Duncan McDowall, featuring the choreography and dancing of Dorothy Saykaly.

The moment I saw it I knew it was right. So here is my rescored and slightly re-edted version of PAINTED.

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Nicely done Charles. The music did indeed fit the film well. I always do enjoy these darker, brooding, almost Gothic-sounding pieces.

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I’m happy you took time to listen Matt. I sometimes wonder if I should post videos with my music. Some may find them distracting. I wonder if musicians. would prefer to just listen or read scrolling notes. But I usually enjoy the synergy between film and music which if well done becomes magical.
Thanks for the kind words for the music and the video my friend. :grinning:

More great music Charles! Definitely agree that the visual is important to see with the music. I know I’m late to the party as you posted this a while back, but wanted to support your work.

Feeling the same as one of your other pieces that making changes to dynamics would add life to your sound. Try adjusting MIDI controllers modulation and expression (usually CC1 & CC11) for the strings and other orchestral instruments. I think you would see a huge difference in the way your piece sounds. Thanks again for sharing your work.