The Bronze-Blooded: Assignment for Emotional courses

Genre/Style: Emotional/Epic experiment

Creative Vision for the Track: Inspired by An magic the gathering character called purphoros, Bronze-Blooded. It’s a God being that is a mix between Hares and Haephaestus

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 160 bpm track in B mayor (or G eolian) with some modulation in G mayor, with some 7th and sus

Main Instruments used: Kontakt libraries, Sylenth and Equator

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Beautiful track Marco! :smiley:
I love the intimate and emotional introduction, and that you choose to focus on woodwinds. The little “piano answer arpeggio” phrase works great. As do the soaring melodic line presented at 0:35. The transition at 0:47, I would have introduced the staccato string in the end of the previous phrase, to make the transition smoother. Perhaps a scale-run into it?

The vocal line is beautiful, but perhaps a bit too loud (might be my headphones).

The main theme is very beautiful, but perhaps you could introduce some variation in the repetitions of the theme in the end of the track. Either with variation in instrument layering in the arrangement, or with harmonies. :slight_smile:

vocals might be to hight, yes. One of my lacks when I compose is the mixing and mastering. I publish this video especially to have some tips in mixing, because every time I feel that what I compose don’t sound professional. I thank you for this tips. Is there something else you can say here that sounds bad in a mixing aspect?

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I personally mainly focus on the composition, arrangement, instrumentation etc. I feel that 95% of a tracks “quality” comes from HOW you compose the music. Production (mixing and mastering) is only the last 5% in my opinion. :wink:

So, for when the “action” starts in your track after 1 min after the vocal, I would say it still lacks a bit in density in the arrangement. I would recommend adding a few more parts…more action percussion and instruments doing rhythmic things. It feels a bit empty there if you want to get that full action sound.

The other parts are more lyrical, so there it works fine with more focus (less density in what is going on).

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I asked that because the last time I wanted to put a track in a epic music playlist they said that my work wasn’t enough for their standard, because the mixing was lame. and that’s the why I wanted to improve more in that aspect. anyway, thank you, those tips helped me more.

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